2 Hour FellFix - Stony Cove Pike

30 July 2013

At least once a week I need to get out into The Cumbrian Fells or I start feeling a bit rambunctious, but often with kids and work and hoovering, there isn’t enough time to get out there for a good six hour hike so this has been my solution over the years - a 2 Hour FellFix

This is my definition of a 2 Hour FellFix

'a quick energetic hike up a Cumbrian Fell that takes less than two hours, gets your heart pumping and gives you great views.'

It’s a million times better than staring at a wall in a stuffy old gym, gives you just has much exercise and has the added bonus of nourishing your soul for a full week.

I've included all the main features on the graphic below as well as my heart rate as I climbed, to give you an idea of how hard it is.
Stony Cove Pike, Brothers Water
Stony Cove Pike, Brothers Water
1. Park at the Brotherswater Inn on the Ullswater side of Kirkstone Pass. There is some parking on the road or it’s £2.50 in the campsite car park. Shove a drink and a Mars bar in your pocket and get going.

2. Opposite the Inn there’s a gate leading up the fell, get through that and head off into some ferns, in July and August it’s very ferny. Climb up to a gap in the wall. Heart rate: 100

3. Once through the wall, jump across some cute stone bridges and then head off left towards a wall at the top of a small hill. HR: 115

4. Follow the path near the wall, up through some more ferns towards a stone building. If your kids are fellfixing with you, there’s a troll lives there, if not, ignore what I just said because trolls don’t really exist. HR: 115

5. Ford Caudale Beck and head up left. There is a narrow path that winds up through, guess what, more ferns. HR:125

6. About five minutes further on you leave the ferns behind - I love ferns but enough’s enough. Now it’s straight up with Caudale Beck down to your left. HR: 150

7. Keep heading up until you reach a disused quarry (how did they get the slate down that path?) Stay to the right of the quarry and then u-turn up the side of the fell. HR: 130

8. Just above you isn’t the summit by the way but the gradient does get easier very soon. HR: still 150

9. Nourish your soul: on the ridge there are great views of Brothers Water and Ullswater in the distance. Have a drink and take it in. HR 110

10. Head off up the ridge to the summit. Kirkstone Pass is down to your right. You can see the cairn against the skyline just round to the left. HR: 130

11. Touch the cairn, have a drink and eat your Mars Bar.

Head back down the same way you came up.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young

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