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AGG 2L Aluminium Pot
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Antigravity Gear
AGG 2L Aluminium Pot Ref: 1084
AGG 2L Aluminium Pot

Dimensions: 4 1/8" high (4 5/16" with lid) X 6 1/25" diameter (at rim)

• 2L pot w/ lid - 5.9 oz./167g

This pot is is light, versatile, rugged and a great value...all the things we look for in good equipment.

The 2L. Aluminum Cook Pot is Non-Stick coated which makes it easier to use and more durable. The lip of the pot is rolled out making it easy to clean and move around with a standard aluminum clamp handle

Other products that work with the pot
Clamp Handle for the pots - 1.2 oz. /34g
2L pot cozy 1.0 oz / 28g
AGG Stove or Caldera Stove


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Outdoor Clothing UK > AntigravityGear 2L Pot