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AGG Cooking Cozy
Antigravity Gear
AGG Cooking Cozy Ref: 437
0.7L Cozy Weight: 1.1 oz. /31g
2L Cozy Weight: 1.5 oz. /42g
MSR Kettle Cozy Weight: 1.0 oz. /28g

Construction Material: very light weight foil backed insulation

It's not how much you carry that counts, what really matters is how much you are not required to carry. The cozy weighs only 1.1 ounces and will easily save it's weight in fuel-not-needed over and over again. The cozy keeps the heat in so food continues to cook long after you have taken the pot off the stove.

With the cozy, a meal that normally takes 25 minutes on the stove, you can cookfor about 6 or 7 minutes on the alcohol stove and then place the pot in the cozy. Seal up the cozy by simply pressing the insulation around the top. 20 minutes later the food is completly cooked and still too hot to eat.

This saves 20 minutes of fuel...every time. If you like a couple of cups of tea for breakie boil the water and the cozy will keep the rest of the water hot for you.

More info... Cooking using a pepsi can stove

Cozy Size
0.7L Pot Cozy   
2L Pot Cozy   
MSR Kettle Cozy   


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Outdoor Clothing UK > AntigravityGear Cooking Cozy