Antigravity Gear Pot Cozy Review - Backpacker.comAntigravity Gear Pot Cozy Review - gave the Antigravity Gear Pot Cozy a 'glowing' report.

'Save heat, save fuel, save time, save money. Yeah, this pot insulator can do it all.

If there were a product that weighed 2 ounces, cost 7 bucks, and could make every day you spend camping better, would you want one? The Pot Cozy is one of those forehead-slapping ideas you'll love the first time you use it. The simple foil-and-plastic insulated Cozy wraps your pot, keeping water piping hot for more than an hour in moderate temps. Here's what we did with it:

On leisurely mornings, served hot coffee and cocoa to late-sleeping campmates without lighting the stove again. Ditto that second cup we used to hesitate making.

Saved fuel by "cooking" in it. Meals that normally require simmering finished up just fine in the heat-trapping cozy, even in freezing weather. The process: Boil your rice or noodles, then turn off the stove and transfer your pot to the cozy. Allow an extra 5 minutes of heating time for every 10 minutes of simmering the instructions require.

On group trips, used it to keep one dish hot while cooking another, letting us bring just one stove but prepare multiple courses and eat them all hot.

The Pot Cozy comes with a fitted lid (you can leave it on to increase efficiency while cooking) and has a slot for pot handles, making it easy to slide a hot pot into the cozy. Then just fold down the rim over the lid to seal in the heat. The lightweight materials aren't made for abuse, but you'll save enough in fuel costs to buy a new one every year.'

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