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Camping Gear on a BudgetCamping Gear on a Budget

When you first go camping it can be costly to get all the gear you need, and the problem is you might hate it. This is a quick guide to getting your hands on essential camping gear without spending too much money
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How much grub do you need to munch per day on a 3 day hike?How much grub do you need to munch per day on a 3 day hike?

Because I'm thick, I'm going to let somebody much cleverer than me do the sums. The massively clever T.M. Carpenter wrote a book which hurts my frontal lobe...
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Finally- scientific proof that you need a lighter load.Finally- scientific proof that you need a lighter load.

You wouldn't dare argue with Sir Isaac Newton would you? I know he got bonked on the head with an apple but we all do daft things.

The main concern for us walkers is that Newton discovered the reason we need to lighten the load of our rucksacks.

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Easy Question: What's the difference between a lightweight tent and an ultralight tent?Easy Question: What's the difference between a lightweight tent and an ultralight tent?

I'll put you out of your misery straight away. It's weight, isn't it.

Like I've always said: the obvious is my speciality. Here's another: don't put toast in your DVD player. Yes, I'm good at it. SO, back to the tents, let's talk about weight. What is the definition of a lightweight tent?

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It's not just a 12g meths stove - it's a full cooking systemIt's not just a 12g meths stove - it's a full cooking system

It's a stove and it weighs 12g - about the same weight as the bottom third of a pepsi can - and that's because it is the bottom third of a pepsi can.

If you are mechanically minded you can make one of these yourself. I like my fingers un-severed and I love my blood so much I like it to remain underneath my skin so I didn't attempt it.

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How Gore-Tex Really WorksHow Gore-Tex Really Works

Yonks ago, W.L. Gore created a thin membrane of expanded PTFE. This membrane was waterproof and amazingly stopped everyone drowning in their own perspiration by letting water in gas form out...
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Condensation in single walled tentsCondensation in single walled tents

I don't know about you but when I'm sleeping I find it slightly irritating having water splashed in my face. Because of this little foible, I've decided to offer up a few handy tips on how to keep the waters at bay.
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Hydration - How much fluid should you drink while hiking?Hydration - How much fluid should you drink while hiking?

My usual advice for dehydration in the lakes is open your mouth and tilt your head skywards. But this weekend it's actually going to be rain free and warm and, for once, there may be a danger of dehydration. So I've included a few dehydration pointers to help you out
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Lightweight Hiking Gear List Suggestions
Okay, you're a hunk of a man (or woman) and have no problem lugging 20kg for 10 miles up a mountain, well done, but you're not going to feel too macho when your skinny friend is able to lug their, frankly, girly-looking 7.5kg pack up the same mountain - and the next one.

Here's a few suggestion on how to reduce your pack load.

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How to clean your hydration System
There are various methods for cleaning your hydration system based on how organized or how lazy you are.

The first thing to mention is that bugs, mould, fungusy things love juice and energy drinks better than water. If you like energy drinks and then leave your bladder in the boot of the car for a month then skip to the industrial strength cleaning section.

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Cycling and Whinging on The Cumbria Way
At the weekend I combined my two favourite occupations, cycling and whinging – I tackled The Cumbria Way Cycle Route.

It starts at Ulverston and claims to follow The Cumbria Way Walk Route, as the guidebook says, ‘loosely’. It takes in Coniston, Elterwater, Grasmere, Thirlmere, Derwent Water before heading off behind Skiddaw and down to Carlisle – 70 odd miles

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The Core Principles of the Aarn Bodypacks
The importance of posture in load carrying is unrecognised and unaddressed by all the worlds leading pack manufacturers. There are packs out there with a distance from front to back of .4metre. The load acts like a lever on the back creating a bending moment that forces the wearer to lean forward to stay upright...

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Bolle Sunglasses Technology
All Bolle sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses, anti scratch coating, UVA/UVB protection and many can be upgraded to have polarized lenses. But what does it all mean.

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How to wear a Buff
It's a beanie, a bandana, a scarf, a balaclava, a headband, a hat...

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Calorie Content of Common Foods
Keep your energy levels up while on the trial...

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Why use walking poles?
Even after evolving to become bipeds, your arms will automatically switch to walking-mode when they haven’t anything to do; but if they dangle for too long your hands become stiff, swollen and uncomfortable.

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Derwent Water - Some fact about the lake to impress your friends
Remember a few of these Derwent Water facts and your friends and family might finally think you're clever. It didn't work for me - but I won't stop trying

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Things to do in The Lake District
List of events happening this month in The Lake District.

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Free Guided Walks in The Lake District
These walks are organized by the Lake District National Park Authority and give you the chance to explorer the fells with friendly and knowledgeable walk leaders.

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