Baselayers and thermals

Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?

When we owned the shop in Keswick we got a lot of people through the door who had spent a week on the fells without scraping out their arm pits or changing their under garments. I did a little survey and asked the whiffiest people what baselayers they were wearing – don’t cringe, I was subtle...

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What to look out for with baselayersWhat to look out for with baselayers

Apart from your last purchase from Thongs-R-US, base layers are probably one of the most important items of clothing you can buy.

The world's most expensive jacket would be useless ...

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Thermal Underwear
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New in - X Bionic Trekking Baselayer Shirt - Functional Underwear
New in - X Bionic Trekking Baselayer Shirt - Functional Underwear
X Bionic Trekking Baselayer - Features Explained
There are so many features on this product, so I'd better get cracking:

Firstly, for a detailed picture of the one above, please click 'Larger Image' further down the page.

AirDuct Shoulder Pads - Ventilated shoulder pads with a special 3-d weave technology that spread the pressure of the backpack.

3D Bionic Sphere System - In the chest and back and lumber area, this cools you when you sweat, warms you when you're cold, and no risk of chill. Cooling only begins when you start to sweat.

Aid Duct pads on the hips - Effectively ventilated pads that that spread the pressure of your hip belt on your backpack.

Self-Adjusting band - at the bottom of the shirt, this keeps your shirt in place without constricting.

Under arm Sweat traps - Designed for large area under the arm, prevents dripping sweat and cools effectively.

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