The Best Time and Place to Camp in the UK

7 March 2013

A bad camping experience is bad, it takes a lot of getting over, especially if you’re new to it. I’ve thrashed around on the end of a guy rope many times, but I still keep going back for more. That’s because I remember the good camping experiences, and the good camping experiences are, for want of a better word, good. To give you the best chance of having a good experience I’ve done some research for you and I’m about to tell you the exact place and exact time to camp in mainland UK to have that amazing experience.
Here’s what I think is the perfect camping weather. Obviously rain and wind are out, so I’m guessing Cumbria has fallen at the first, damn. Below is a list of the wettest places in the UK:

Glen Etive, Highlands
Seathwaite, Cumbria
Loch Shiel, Highland
Loch Lommond
Capel Curig, Gwynedd
Thirlmere, Cumbria
Chapel Stile, Cumbria
Tyndrum and Crainlarich, Stirling
Lochgoilhead, Argyll and Bute
Crib Goch, Snowdonia
Bye, bye Cumbria, most of Scotland and Wales. Gales are more likely in Scotland and any county along the Atlantic coast of England, so let’s get rid of all that lot as well.

Already most of the UK has been slashed, so that’s a good start.

I don't know about you, but I don’t like it too warm when camping because the inside of the tent is unbearable as soon as the sun pops up over the horizon (that's why I usually just stick to Cumbria). The hottest day ever recorded was in Kent, so that’s out and so are these:

Warmest Places in the UK:

Isle of Scilly
Central London
Penndennis Point, Cornwall
Isle of grain, Kent
Penlee Gardens, Penzance
Isle of Wight
Portland, Dorset
St Ives, Cornwall
Southsea, Hampshire

So, what we want is a lovely dry day around about 20 degrees. The driest counties in England are Essex, Cambridgeshire, and believe it or not North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. They only get 600mm of rain per year which is less than the average rainfall in Jerusalem. Essex and Cambridgeshire are too warm for us Northerners, so it’s Yorkshire. Sorry, East Riding of Yorkshire I've lumped you in with Yorkshire to make it easier for myself, hope that's okay.

I typed in ‘Best Campsite in Yorkshire’ and this one came up on the Telegraph website: Park Farm, Kildale, Yorkshire. Sounds great.

Now, when to go. May is on average the driest month but the average day time temperature is only about 16 degree C. July is the sunniest month when the temperature averages out at 20 degrees C. Since this is northern England I think I can go back on what I said earlier and risk getting too warm, so let’s go for July. In the Northern Hemishere , on average the warmest day of the year is the 21st July so let’s go then.

See you at Park Farm on the 21st.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young

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