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Bolle Women's Fathom Ski GogglesFrame: Psychedelic - Lens: Amber
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Bolle Ski Goggles and Sunglasses
Bolle Women's Fathom Ski Goggles
Frame: Psychedelic - Lens: Amber
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Price £55.00 (RRP £70.00)

Frame: Psychedelic

Lens: Amber: 36% visible light transmitted though the lens. Gives improved visibility in white-out and other adverse conditions.

Another high performance designer ski goggle, this time designed for ladies or other members of the general public who have slightly smaller faces than your average pie-faced gentleman. It's got all the jazzy features you'd expect.

The Flow Tech Venting allows enough air flow into the goggles to prevent fogging. The Gore Equalizer sits between the double lenses and reduces the moisture build up that affects visibility.The triple layer foam gives a firm but soft fit around the face. And it's psychedelic. man.

Bolle Fathom Ski Goggles Features:

P80 plus anti-fog carbo lens - creating thermal barrier for exceptional optics and seal.
Double spherical vented lens - for exceptional optics and superior seal
Three layer foam around the face for comfort
Equaliser - waterproof breathable vent to equalize air pressure between lenses and eliminate moisture. This gives distortion free vision and no fogging at any altitude.
Flow-Tech venting
RX adapter compatible
Medium to large fit
Soft case included

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Bolle Ski Goggle Technology

Whatever the conditions Bolle has the perfect goggle and lens.

For more than five decades Bolle have imagined, designed, tested and produced ski goggles that have become the hallmark by which all other brands are measured. This year, with the help of athletes, the Bolle Research and Developement staff have reached beyond state of the art to a level of practical excellence never seen before.

The Bolle Ski Lens

100% UV protection

All Bolle Ski lenses block 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nanometres.

Double Lens thermal barrier

The Bolle unique double lens design creates a thermal barrier, while providing exceptional optics and superior seal.

P80 Plus / Carbo Glas

Applied to the Bolle polycarbonate lenses, P80 Plus is the Bolle proprietary coating that provides maximum protection against unwanted lens fogging and most scratching.

Polycarbonate lenses

All Bolle ski goggles feature hard wearing polycarbonate lenses, ensuring superior optical quality.

The Bolle Ski Goggle Vents

Flow Tech Venting

Designed to reduce fogging and optimze the flow of air over the inside of the lens. These venting ports control air flow, while preventing clogging from snow and ice.

The Ski Goggle Frame

Forestay System

Swinging outrigger to maintain perfect fit with helmets.

Triple Layer Face Foam

Ultra soft fleece is the only material on your face, backed by two layers of multi density foam for firm, yet soft fit.
Outdoor Clothing UK > Bolle Fathom Women's Ski Goggles