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Bolle Adult Ski HelmetsBolle Adult Ski Helmets

Bolle Ski Helmets are top of the range ski helmets, approved by the ASTM/CE standards with a load of great features.

The ski helmets are very comfortable with padded liners and chin straps. They have vents to keep you cool and retainer clips for the goggles. And they look great.

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Prices from £52.50

Bolle Ski Helmet Features:

ASTM/CE approved
Ultra thin outer shell to reduce weight
Adjustable air flow vents
Integrated vents and open-close system control of inside air-flow
Ergonomic, hypoallergenic padded liner
Removable ear pads
Adjustable, padded chin strap with quick release buckle
Double goggle clip
Comes with a storage/travel bag?

Weight 510g

Cebe and Bolle Children's Ski HelmetsChildren's Ski Helmets

The word 'Cool' and 'ASTM International Safety Standards' have never appeared in the same sentence until now.

A great looking children's ski helmet that'll keep the kid's safe on the black runs. These helmets are comfy to wear, with side vents and a padded chin strap.

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Prices from £32.99

Bolle Children's Ski Helmet Features:

ASTM/CE approved
Side Vents with open-close system
Double goggle retainer clips
Unique graphic treatments for boys and girls
Ergonomic, hypoallergenic Velour padded liner
Adjustable, padded chin strap with quick release buckle

Weight 430g

Cebe Ski HelmetsCebe Ski Helmets

Cebe Ski Helmets are super light and provide the ultimate protection and comfort. Their constructed from extra-storng polycarbonate with an inner shell, manufactured in extra-light EPS which absorbs, controls and diffuses impact shocks.

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Prices from £34.95

Cebe Ski Helmet Features:

Inmold shell to reduce weight
Weight : 350g (size : 55-58cm)
F.T.F. : Fine Tuning Fit
Active ventilation system
Comfortable and removable earflaps
Full removable and washable lining

Trespass Ski HelmetsTrespass Ski Helmets

Don't be fooled by the price, the Skyhigh ski helmet is one 'eck of a ski helmet. It conforms to CE EN1077 one of the toughest European Standards.

It features high density ABS lightweight shell construction, it has a EPS foam core for comfort and protection, quick release buckles and is fully adjustable

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Prices from £32.99

Trespass Ski Helmet Features:

High Impact ABS lightweight shell construction
EPS foam core
Removable ear pads
Quick release buckle
Ventilation ports
Goggle retainer
Adjustable fit
Conforms to CE EN1077

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Choosing a Ski Helmet Online

More and more skiers are wearing ski helmets, and for good reason - a good helmet can protect your head from serious injury, and even prevent death. Now that that's cheered you up, here's a few tips for buying a ski helmet.

Find Your Ski Helmet Size

Finding your ski helmet size is a piece of cake. Most ski helmets are sized in centimeters, based on the circumference of your head. To get an accurate measurement, get a tape measure (bit obvious that, sorry) and put it around your head just above your eyebrows. Measure it all the way round and that's how big your cranium is.

I measured my big head and was relieved to find I was only 60cm which is Large. Having been told most of my life what a big head I've got I was expecting XXLarge at least, if that didn't fit I would be happy to wear the box.

Ski Goggle Compatibility

Make sure the ski helmets are compatible with ski goggles and have goggle retainers. When you get the ski helemt, try your goggles on with the helmet and make sure the goggles fit your face well with the helmet on and feel comfortable. Bolle ski helmets are compatible with most ski goggles.

Returns Policy

When buying a ski helmet it's important that it fits snuggly and is comfortable. When you get the ski helmet try it on and make sure it fits okay. If you're not happy with it, put it back in the box and post it back to us.

All you have to pay for is the postage back. Once we receive the goods we will refund you immediately. If you require a smaller or larger size, we will post the new size free of charge.

Our prices are so cheap that even if you have to post it back to us for an alternative size, you will still be getting a price below the RRP.

What ski expert Mike Doyle says about Ski Helmets

Here's what skiing journalist Mike Doyle says about ski helmets:

'One of the best skiing safety tips is really a matter of personal choice - to wear, or not to wear, a ski helmet while skiing. Both the NSP (National Ski Patrol) and the PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) encourage wearing a ski helmet, but, it isn’t mandated.

If you consider those who routinely wear protective headgear, including football and baseball players, construction workers, horseback riders, rock climbers, bicyclers, auto racers, and motorcycle riders - it certainly makes sense that skiers should be just as careful. The most important safety tip that I would personally give to any level skier, is to wear a certified ski helmet.'
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