Bolle Sunglasses

Bolle Sunglasses

Why would you pay extra for Bolle sunglasses when Dodgy Dave down the market is selling a great looking wrap around pair for a fiver??

Lets start with the obvious, the optical quality of Bolle lenses is the best. There is no light distortion throught the lens (which will fatigue your eyes) even on the wrap around versions. As well as being optically superb all Bolle sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses, anti scratch coating, UVA/UVB protection, spring hinges, thermogrip and many can be upgraded to have polarized lenses. This is what all these features mean to you.
Polycarbonate LensesPolycarbonate Lenses
Polycarbonate lenses are tougher than a Yorkie that's been in the freezer for a decade and they probably taste better too (untested). The Bolle super lightweight, premium-grade plastic resin lens is 20 times more impact resistant than glass, and a third of the weight. Like I said - tough.
Polarized lensPolarized lens
The polarized lens is all about glare and reflection. The Bolle polarized lens is an optical precise filter embedded in the lens which eliminates most glare and reflected light.

Bolle polarized lenses are produced through an exclusive injection process to ensure the highest optical quality. The polarizing film is injected into the glass during the glass manufacturing process - it is not bonded within a sandwich. This prevents any distortion and delamination problems which are common in most polarized lenses
Scratch resistant lens - Carbo glas coatingScratch resistant lens - Carbo glas coating
If you want to play with your cat in your sunglasses - no problem. The Bolle proprietary, industrial strength coating is applied to both sides of the lens for greater scratch resistance.
UVA/UVB ProtectionUVA/UVB Protection
Even Dodgy Dave down the market sells full UVA/UVB protected sunglasses but ask him if his plastic nightmares, that make your nose look bulbous, provide protection up to 400 nanometres... Remember to be wearing his glasses first so that he doesn't punch you.

Bolle sunglasses exceed the industry standard with 100% UVA/UVB protection, up to 400 nanometres.
Anti-Reflective coatingAnti-Reflective coating
I'm telling you, the one thing you don't want is backside glare... it sounds really embarrassing and unpleasant on the eyes.

If you didn't know glare comes in two directions. This scientifically engineered coating on the backside of most Bolle sunglasses eliminates backside glare to reduce eye strain.
Other featuresOther features
Spring Hinges - Bolle spring hinges are designed top apply the right amount of tension on your temples, so the frame sits securely and comfortably on your face.

Thermogrip - the high-strength Thermogrip rubber temples and nose pads provide firm confortable adhesion even when sweating. Dodgy Dave's will slip off your hooter and smash open on the floor, not that you'll be that bothered...

Wire-core temple tips - adjustable wire core temple tips help increase comfort by letting you customize your fit, not available on all models.

Nylon frames - the purest high grade nylon is used in manufacturing superior, lightweigth, flexible frames.

Adjustable nose pads - tailor the position of each nose pad to fit exactly.

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