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What's the cheapest way of cooking sausages?What's the cheapest way of cooking sausages?

It's a rule - when you go camping you have to cook sausages. The kids will demand it and there is no way you can disappoint those little cherubs. Don't worry though, you don't have to break open your jar of twenty pences, here's how to do it on the cheap...

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Which Camping Stove?Which Camping Stove?

Butane, propane, meths, esbit, hexamine - what is this a rave or a camping shop. Stoves and their fuel explained...
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Campingaz Camp Bistro StoveCampingaz Camp Bistro Stove
A high powered single burner stove for fast cooking on the move. Very safe to use, simple to fit and easy to clean. The cartidge locking system prevents gas leakage and incorrect fitting of the cartridge. Ideal for camping, picnics and daytrips.
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RRP £20.00
Price £8.50

Campingaz Camping ChefCampingaz Camping Chef
2 Burner stove featuring a third radiant burner underneath for toasting bread, bacon etc... Folds down for easy storage and transportation. For convenience and safety the push and turn knobs are child safe and allow for precise flame adjustment.
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RRP £70.00
Price £34.50

Gelert Compact Double Burner & GrillGelert Compact Double Burner & Grill
High performance stainless steel burners with centre grill with piezo quick ignition function and large surface cooking area.It stows away easily.
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RRP £55.00
Price £42.50

Campingaz Bleuet 270 Micro Gas StoveCampingaz Bleuet 270 Micro Gas Stove
Retaining the integrity of its infamous predecessor, this stove has been fine-tuned for improved performance. New angled pan supports and the inclusion of the Easy Clic® Plus connection ensure it is exceptionally easy-to-use whilst maintaining the stove’s ultra-lightweight, compact credentials.
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RRP £15.00
Price £7.50

Gelert Portable Gas CookerGelert Portable Gas Cooker
Single burner portable stove with automatic Piezo electric ignition and aluminium burner head. Lightweight design for easy transportation.
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RRP £20.00
Price £9.50

Campingaz Twister 270 StoveCampingaz Twister 270 Stove
The Twister is compact and easy to operate. It has Easy Clic® connection and piezo ignition with a large, easy to operate control knob for very fine flame adjustments. Three foldable supports provide built-in wind protection. Delivered with a protective case.
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RRP £25.00
Price £19.99

Coleman Fold N Go Two Burner Portable StoveColeman Fold N Go Two Burner Portable Stove
The ultimate stove for cooking on the go thanks to its foldable design with locking handle for easy transport andstorage. This clever stove features an extra-large cooking area for two wide-based pans and the PerfectFlow® system provides consistent cooking performance in cold weather, when gas is low and in high altitudes.
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RRP £80.00
Price £54.99

Coleman PerfectFlow Stove and GrillColeman PerfectFlow Stove and Grill
Camp breakfast just got easy, this stove and grill operates both options simultaneously and uses propane, effective at lower temperatures and varying altitudes. It is enhanced by PerfectFlow® system for consistent performance throughout the cylinder life and uses the WindBlock™ system for wind protection, doubling as side tables when used horizontally.
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RRP £80.00
Price £59.99

Coleman PerfectFlow 2 Burner Propane StoveColeman PerfectFlow 2 Burner Propane Stove
Efficient 2 burner stove with an extremely rugged construction. Abundant with clever features, it includes Windblock, protecting the flame from the wind and can also be placed horizontally to act as a side table.
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RRP £65.00
Price £49.99

Coleman F1 Lite - ultra lightweight camping stoveColeman F1 Lite - ultra lightweight camping stove
One of the lightest stoves on the market, the F1 Lite is compact with 3 pan supports that can be folded and detached. This stove is constructed from technologically advanced materials including PEEK platic, which is both shock resistant and heat resistant up to 320°C.
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RRP £35.00
Price £24.99

Coleman F1 Spirit StoveColeman F1 Spirit Stove
Combining a compact design with technological materials including lightweight PEEK plastic components, the F1 Sprit™ features foldable stainless steel arms with a high power burner, making it an admirable trekking partner. It weighs just 108 g and comes complete with a lightweight textile carry pouch.
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RRP £20.00
Price £9.99

MSR Whisperlite Camping StoveMSR Whisperlite Camping Stove
For over 15 years, the WhisperLite has been the leader in backpacking stoves for its reliability and simple design. It burns a wide range of fuels, which means it's perfect for use all over the world. It is easily maintained using a simple tool kit.
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RRP £90.00
Price £75.00

MSR Superfly Lightweight StoveMSR Superfly Lightweight Stove
This Multi-Mount, top-of-the-line backpacking stove works with a variety of self-sealing canisters, making it as versatile as the trips you take. Whether you're walking into the woods behind your house or going on an international trip, you won't get stuck without the right fuel.
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RRP £50.00
Price £39.99

MSR Pocket Rocket - ultra lightweight gas stoveMSR Pocket Rocket - ultra lightweight gas stove
When it comes to canister-mounted stoves, MSR proves less is more. The PocketRocket is a favourite of BACKPACKER Magazine Tester Andy Dappen, who said, "This midget flamethrower is one of the lightest backpacking stoves available, and the best cartridge stove I’ve used."
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RRP £30.00
Price £24.99

MSR Reactor StoveMSR Reactor Stove
State of the art cookware and revolutionary stove design combine to create the fastest, most fuel efficient stove system ever. The Reactor's radiant burner is enclosed by a unique heat exchanger for unmatched performance in windy conditions while an advanced pressure regulator provides optimal heat output over the life of each fuel canister.
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RRP £140.00
Price £119.99

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