What clobber you choose is a pretty subjective thing, but below we've tried to give you a few hints at what to look for. We will be adding to the list over the coming months.
Choosing a Sleeping Bag
With the vast assortment of sleeping bags on the market it is sometimes difficult to make a decision. I'll try and help.

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Choosing a Tent
Get your calculator out quick - if four people are camping, what sized tent would you buy? This and many other riddles are answered here ...

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Choosing a Camping Stove?
Propane, butane, meths, kerosene, esbit, hexamine - what is this a rave or a camping shop. Stoves and their fuel explained...

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Choosing WaterproofsChoosing Waterproofs
Strange things have happen to waterproofs recently. We all know how fantastically waterproof they are (30,000 mm of hydrostatic head.. wow) and how unbeleiveably breathable they are (21,000g/m2/24hrs ... phew) but ...

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Advice on choosing SkiwearAdvice on choosing Skiwear
Not surprisingly, for the majority of buyers, skiwear needs to be inexpensive, or, in your words… cheap. But being cheap doesn't mean being poor quality.

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Baselayers AdviceBaselayers Advice
Apart from your last purchase from Thongs-R-US, base layers are probably one of the most important items of clothing you can buy.

The world's most expensive jacket would be useless ...

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Let's clear this up from the start - I know they aren't waterproof but they're not meant to be.

The good old fashioned layering system is still alive and well. No matter how great your waterproof jacket is, it will still have a saturation point

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Walking trousersWalking trousers
Your hiking pants need to be many things and there are a variety of feature options. Most importantly though, one big hole at the top and a couple of smaller ones at the bottom.

Other features that would be useful:

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Advice on Insulated JacketsAdvice on Insulated Jackets
According to Ian McCaskill down there, or whoever now does the BBC weather, it's going to be parky this January and February, so choosing outdoor gear that will keep you warm in the UK climate could be of interest to you Here's a brief description of the beauty of insulation.

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LEKI Walking PolesLEKI Walking Poles
LEKI USA is always written in capital letters because it is an acronym.

LEKI is pronounced, "Lake-ee". LE are the first two letters of the owner's last name, Klaus Lenhart, and KI is from the location of the company, Kirchheim/Teck, Germany.

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Jacket Jargon
Breathability - process where body moisture passes through materials to the outside

Wicking - the act of body moisture being drawn through clothing layers

Hydrophillic fabric - materials that love water, molecular chains attract vapour and pass it through to the outside of the garment.

Microporous fabric - microscopic pores big enough to let perspiration vapour through.

DWR - Durable Water Repellent finish. Applied to the outer fabric of jackets, so water droplets appear to sit on or roll off the surface.

Wetting out - This indicates the DWR has worn off and needs refreshing or replacing. Rain won't necessarily seep in, although a water logged fabric will lose breathability and will get wet from the inside (thanks to condensation from sweating forming inside the jacket).

Ripstop fabric - Easily identified by faint criss-cross lines in the fabric. This ensures any tears won't immediately spread right across the jacket panel.

Storm Flap - Single or double strip of fabric protecting the main front zip from rain.

Retained drawcords - drawstrings, particularly on hoods. where the ends are tucked away or sewn into the jacket so they don't flap around.

Armpit zips - zips under the armpits that can be opened to allow in air for ventilation.

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