Coleman Camping Equipment

Coleman Camping EquipmentColeman Camping Equipment
W.C. Coleman dumped his job as a typewriter salesman (who wouldn't) after spotting a new gasoline fueled light in a Alabama drugstore. This was the start of Coleman Camping over 100 years ago

Since that day they have create high quality products for campers throughout the world. From the iconic Coleman® ranges to the premium Coleman® Exponent® brand, Coleman know what they are doing as you will see from our range of products.

Coleman TentsColeman Tents

You know Coleman Tents are going to be top of the range because Coleman have been in the camping businees for over a 100 years. That's a lot of camping in a lot of weather. Coleman Tents have all the features you would expect from a company in the outdoor business for that long.
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Prices from £37.50

Coleman Lightweight Hiking EquipmentColeman Lightweight Hiking Equipment

Coleman lightweight hiking tents are light, extremely sturdy and durable tents. The Avior and the Phad range of tents are great in all weathers all year round. The F1 stove is probaly the lightest on the market.
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Prices from £37.50

Coleman Tent Porches, Groundsheets and CarpetsColeman Tent Porches, Groundsheets and Carpets

Add on a few accessories to extend your living space outdoors with these Coleman tent porches and comfy carpets.
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Prices from £27.50

Coleman Sleeping BagsColeman Sleeping Bags

Coleman Sleeping bags are guaranteed to give you a comfortable night's sleep unless you get the bit with the sticky out rock Coleman specialize in comfy cotton sleeping bags with wide dimensions, additional hoods and flannel lining. Lovely.
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Prices from £14.99

Coleman AirbedsColeman Airbeds

Every single Coleman Airbed is testing in the factory for leaks so you can be sure you are getting a quality product made from high grade materials and an exclusive Double Lock™ valve. These airbeds are guaranteed not to leak and are some of the most puncture resistant air beds on the market today thanks to valve and heavy duty PVC.
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Prices from £18.50

Coleman Lanterns and HeatersColeman Lanterns and Heaters

Coleman started their business manufacturing lanterns and because of that they know what they are doing when it comes to brightening up your world. Various fuel options are available (unleaded fuel, Kerosene, or proprietary Coleman® liquid Fuel) all are easily available worldwide.
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Prices from £9.99

Coleman StovesColeman Stoves

Coleman Stoves come in av ariety of sizes. The Fold 'N' Go is tthe ultimate stove for cooking on the go thanks to its foldable design with locking handle for easy transport andstorage. The F1 Lite is one of the lighest stoves on the market and a must for backpackers/
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Prices from £24.99

Coleman Camping Cook SetsColeman Camping Cook Sets

Coleman produce ideal cook set for family campers and backpackers. From heavy-duty steel with riveted, plated steel handle and non-stick surfaces to the Exponent range of lightweight pots.
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Prices from £19.99

Coleman Camping FurnitureColeman Camping Furniture

Coleman Camping chairs and tables are perfect for dinner at the campsite. They have large tables and mini ones and loveseats if the sun is setting and and you feel as though it might be a lucky night.
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Price £13.50

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