Coleman Comfort Double Airbed

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Coleman Comfort Double Airbed
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Coleman Comfort Double Airbed Ref: 3808
Coleman Comfort Double Airbed

Extra comfortable and reliable double airbed!

Coleman® airbeds combine extra comfort with reliability thanks to Coleman® exclusive Airtight® system, which features an exclusive Double Lock™ valve. These airbeds are guaranteed not to leak and are some of the most puncture resistant air beds on the market today thanks to valve and heavy duty PVC.

The coils structure and large dimensions also contribute to bring you comfort while sleeping.They can be used both outdoors in a tent or indoors as a spare bed. The Comfort Bed Double combines extra comfort with reliability.

Featuring the exclusive Airtight® system that includes a patented Double Lock™ valve. Additional benefit is the durable PVC which is highly puncture resistant. Larger dimensions and an inner coil structure give this airbed a greater level of comfort and support. It also incorporates a dual air chamber that allows each sleeper to select their own level of firmness, ensuring a relaxing night's sleep. Two independent air chambers result in less motion being felt by either sleeper.

Patent structure design of 2 air chambers
Airtight® system: patented
Double Lock™ valve locks in air two ways
1 valve for each chamber
Dimensions: 188 x 137 x 22 cm
PVC thickness: 0.4 mm PVC and 0.6 mm flocked on the top
Green color
Repair kit included

Length: 188 cm

Weight: 3.7 Kg

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Outdoor Clothing UK > Coleman Comfort Double Airbed