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Coleman Event Shelter
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Coleman Event Shelter / Gazebo

The Coleman® Event Shelter is a very large shelter. almost 15 feet by 15 feet - so you can fit a lot of friends in there. Coleman have made this shelter with extemely high quality fabrics, it's arched design means it looks the part on any occasion. Don't even think about calling this thing a gazebo, that just doesn't seem right. This is bigger and better. This is an Event Shelter.

Coleman Event Shelter Features:
Fire retardant.
UV Guard™: UV protection factor of 50+
Wide dimensions, it is ideal for any outdoor event or activity.
UV Guard™ protection that will protect you from the UV rays.
Poles: steel
Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 m
Headroom: 228 cm (center)/190 cm (sides)
Flysheet: polyester, 450 mm, PU Aluminum Coat Canopy.

Weight 18 kg


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Coleman Event Shelter Review

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JP Rawlings wrote on Tue, 03-Mar-2009
The Coleman Event Shelter is a brilliant easy to assemble shelter is ideal for pretty much any occasion, weather it be on the beach, in the garden or we even had it for a wedding a few months back.

The Coleman event sheltter can be assembled in about 5 mins and it takes even less time to collapse. When com[pacted down the shelter takes up hardly any room in the boot of the car, so it's also perfect for all the caravaning holidays me and Shila take to the coast. High winds arn't a problem either as it's possible to peg the shelter straight into the ground.

As the shelter is fire retardant, its safe enough to use the BBQ under if there is a sudden down pour, and lets face it there's plenty of them in the UK.

Rating: 5/5
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