Coleman F1 Lite Lantern

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Coleman F1 Lite Lantern
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Coleman F1 Lite Lantern Ref: 8300
Coleman F1 Lite Lantern

RRP £40.00
Price £33.99

The lightest lantern in the market. It has been designed for trekking where every gram counts. The textile carry pouch incorporates a lightweight protection cylinder for added convenience.
Easy access to mantle with detachable mesh globe that is unbreakable.
Wire knob for easier handling (with gloves).
Coleman F1 Spirit Stove - Features:

Lightweight, compact and powerful
Operates off Coleman® butane/propane cartridges 100, 250 or 500
Power: 4 800 W
Boil time: 3 min & under wind conditions: 5 min 40 sec
Gas outflow: 330 g/h
Size (arms detached): 4.3 x 8 x 5 cm
Lightweight and compact textile carry pouch (11 g) included.
Weight: 77 g

Gas cartridge not included

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Outdoor Clothing UK > Coleman F1 Lite Lantern