Coleman Inflatable U Chair

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Coleman Inflatable U Chair
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Coleman Camping Equipment
Coleman Inflatable U Chair Ref: 3780
Coleman Inflatable U Chair

Featuring the Airtight® system,

Coleman® inflatable furniture will offer all reliability and comfort you will need at the campsite or simply at home! Comfort and convenience combine in the U Chair, with a full width back rest and two air rests this chair has everything to offer for the campsite, home and garden. It even features a cup holder in the arm rest so that you can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink, keeping it close at hand.

Capacity: 1 person

Airtight® system: patented Double-Lock™ valve locks in air two ways
1 cup holder
Durable PVC compound
PVC thickness : 0.40 mm
Dimensions: 67 x 83 x 72 cm

COlour: Blue and light grey color

Weight: 2 kg

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Outdoor Clothing UK > Coleman Inflatable U Chair