Coleman Porch For Coastlines Deluxe

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Coleman Porch For Coastlines Deluxe
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Coleman Porch For Coastlines Deluxe Ref: ColemanPorchCoast

Extend your living space outdoors with this expansive porch designed to complement all the tents in the Coastline™ Deluxe range.

Whether you enjoy reading your book at the campsite, protected from the beating sun, or you need a sheltered al fresco dining space for all the family, the porch offers the perfect solution.

The stable structure is constructed with tough yet flexible fibreglass poles and offers great head height for comfort and ease-of-use.


Polyester 185T - Polyester has a higher resistance to UV rays and temperature changes compared with other fabrics, therefore it will not degrade quickly, it is highly weather resistant, durable and long lasting as it is not prone to rotting. It also holds it shape well when wet.
Poles: Fibreglass
Taped Seams.
Easily attaches over the top of every tent style with guy-lines.
The 2 adjustable, front structure belts allow you to change the height and width of the awning in accordance with the shade required.
5 pre-attached guy-lines in the optimum position with pegs to provide stability.
2 flexible fibreglass poles provide lightweight stability.
Headroom: 200 cm
Dimensions: 300 x 290 cm
Carry bag type: tubular with draw cord
Pack size: 67 x 10 cm Ø
Weight: 3.7 Kg
Convenient carrybag included.

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Outdoor Clothing UK > Coleman Porch For Coastlines Deluxe