What's the Cheapest Way of Cooking Sausages?

5 April 2013

It's a rule - when you go camping you have to cook sausages. The kids will demand it and there is no way you can disappoint those little cherubs. Don't worry though, you don't have to break open your jar of twenty pences, here's how to do it on the cheap.
The Cheapest Way

Buy a Hi Gear Solid Fuel Stove for under £5. I haven’t tried this, because I’m not that much of a tight arse, but one 14g tablet will burn for about 10 minutes depending on wind and temperature. According to Jamie Oliver, sausages take about 12 minutes to cook but I like mine black and unchewable so I’m going to need two tablets (don’t worry it comes with 24 tablets). The problem is the solid fuel stoves are tiny so you won’t be able to cook a load of sausages at once. For a family, you could be cooking for hours. But if £4.99 plus £1.49 for some Lidl sausages gets you excited then…
The Cheapest Way
The Next to Cheapest WayThe Next to Cheapest Way

Here’s a better option. Buy a Hi Gear Portable Gas Cooker (Go Outdoors) with six canisters of butane for about 20 quid. This is the cheaper version of the Campingaz Bistro but looks pretty similar to me. There’s only one burner but that’s all you need. Throw your pan on the stove, fill it full of meat and listen to it hiss. Twenty minutes and you’re done, 12 minutes if you’re Jamie.
The Nearly Cheapest Way

This last one’s for you people out there who know how to do it right. It’s a barmy evening, the midges have decided to suck someone else’s blood, the stag night has packed up and gone – what do you need? A glass of wine and a barbeque - burn meat properly that’s what I say. You can get a foldable barbeque (Go Outdoors) for around £20 plus a bag of charcoal for a fiver. Yes, I know you can get a disposable bbq for under a fiver but here’s the usp. After the meat has been digested, throw some tree branches into your foldable barbeque and you’ve got yourself a camp fire. A lot of campsite won’t let you have a fire unless it’s raised off the ground, yours is – skadoosh.
The Nearly Cheapest Way
I don’t want to put a downer on the barmy evening but bbqs do take about 30 minutes to get going (3 hours if you’re me), by the time the meats cooked your family will have gone to live with another family two tents down with a Campingaz Double Burner and Grill (Go Outdoors). Also, if you’ve only got a bbq it’s going to be difficult making a quick cuppa so you’ll probably have to take a stove as well.

If in doubt stick with the portable gas cooker.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young

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