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Dare2b Men's Ski JacketsDare2b Men's Ski Jackets

Dare2b ski jackets are amazingly waterproof with high levels of breathability. They have all the features you would expect from Dare2b
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Prices From £49.95

Dare2b Women's Ski JacketsDare2b Women's Ski Jackets

Dare2b women's ski jacjets are comfortable and warm from the inside out. Ared waterproof and breathable fabric, taped seams and part warm touch scrim lining will keep out those elements when riding the slopes.
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Prices from £49.95

Dare2b Men's Ski PantsDare2b Men's Ski Pants

Polyamide lined ski pants with Warm Zones. Dare2b ski pants have taped seams and adjustable detachable braces with Back Slider System.
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Prices from £39.95

Dare2b Women's Ski PantsDare2b Women's Ski Pants

Waterproof and breathable Isotex coated taslan fabric ski pants with taped seams. Most have adjustable detachable braces with back slider system and waist adjusters.
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Prices from £33.50

Dare2b Ski SetsDare2b Ski Sets

Dare2b ski jacket and ski pants combinations at unbeliveably good prices.
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Price from £79.99

Dare2b Men's Fleeces and BaselayersDare2b Men's Fleeces and Baselayers

It's lightweight, it's warm, it dries quickly. It's a fleece. In winter you need them.
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Prices from £14.95

Dare2b Women's Fleeces and BaselayersDare2b Women's Fleeces and Baselayers

Dare2b fleeces are lightweight, have a PhD in snuggliness and dry quickly etc.. I lied about the qualification.
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Prices from £14.95

Dare2b Children's ClothingDare2b Children's Clothing

Keep teh kids warm and hit the slopes all day long in this sli clothing. Waterproof polyester fabric, taped seams, polyester lining and concealed hood will help keep the little monkeys warm and dry.
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Prices from £9.95

Dare2b Hats and BeaniesDare2b Hats and Beanies

A load of great hats and beanies to keep your lugs snuggly.
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Prices from £8.00

Dare2b Ski GlovesDare2b Ski Gloves

Fleece lined gloves, waterproof gloves, pink gloves, small gloves, gloves. We've got Dare2b gloves and we're proud.
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Prices from £15.00

Dare2b Cycling ClothingDare2b Cycling Clothing

Lightweight cycle friendly clothing- ther'e no excuses we couldn't have made it any easier for you.
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Prices from £25.00

Dare2b Ski Clothing Logo
Here's a bit of motivation from the Dare2b Website
We are Dare2b

We don’t care who you are, what you look like or where you come from. We’re not age-ist, size-ist or sexist. We don’t care what car you drive or what job you do.

Dare2b don’t do exclusive, it’s not a private party, you don’t have to be a member to get in. You don’t need the most expensive gear. You just need a bit of kit to keep you warm and dry. And that’s where we come in.

We don’t like suits, briefcases, queues, notebooks, timesheets, boardrooms, glass ceilings, filing cabinets, meetings, schmoozing or fawning.

Dare2b just like being up the mountain.

We like it in the summer and the winter. We like it when the sun is out or the snow is coming down. Dare2b like the perfect ski jacket and the perfect piste. And everything in between. We like climbing, running, skiing, boarding, biking, jumping and throwing ourselves around.

We want to have a good time. Dare2b want you to have a great time. That’s why we make the ski jackets that will let you forget about the weather or where you are, and get on with the action.

We’re not perfect, and we know it. We don’t want to tell you what to do, or how to do it. Dare2b will just be around and encourage you to try. If it goes wrong, we’ll get up with you and have another go.

We could talk more, but we’d be wasting your time. Have a look. See for yourself.


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