Double Sleeping Bags from Gelert, Coleman and Vango

Gelert Lakeside Double Sleeping BagsGelert Lakeside Double Sleeping Bags
A superb range of cotton sleeping bags with flannel lining. The soft, sumptuous feeling of the flannel lining creates the feeling of snugness & warmth. All sleeping bags within this range contain double layer insulation.
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RRP £85.00
Price £59.95

Coleman Hampton Double Sleeping BagsColeman Hampton Double Sleeping Bags
For comfortable nights with your companion A soft and sumptuous range of over-sized rectangular sleeping bags that is reversible so that you can change the look of your bag according to the weather.
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RRP £70.00
Price £47.50

Vango Sonno DLX Double Sleeping BagVango Sonno DLX Double Sleeping Bag
The incredible softness of the Sonno makes it ideal for summer camping and sleepovers. The double provides twice the coverage when unzipped, transforming into 2 double duvet covers.
· Polair® Super-Soft shell
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RRP £60.00
Price £45.00

Coleman Pacific Double Sleeping BagColeman Pacific Double Sleeping Bag
Designed with couples in mind, this comfortable sleeping bag offers great dimensions to provide plenty of space for two adults. It is great for camping, caravanning or entertaining guests at home.
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RRP £50.00
Price £34.95

Gelert Hebog Double Sleeping BagsGelert Hebog Double Sleeping Bags
The Hebog sleeping bag range offers outstanding value for money, super soft comfort & excellent durability. Ideal for caravanning, weekend/low level camping & sleep overs.
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RRP £40.00
Price £29.99

Coleman Hudson Double Sleeping BagsColeman Hudson Double Sleeping Bags
Guaranteed comfortable night's sleep with your companion! The Hudson range consists of 4 ultra comfortable sleeping bags thanks to their wide dimensions, additional hood, flannel lining and very convenient integrated pillow pocket.
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RRP £60.00
Price £42.50

Gelert Anatara Double Sleeping BagGelert Anatara Double Sleeping Bag
The Anatara sleeping bag is super soft and adds a touch of luxury to your camping trip. Let you partner sneak in and share the luxury or starfish in it all to yourself.
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RRP £55.00
Price £34.50

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