UK Adventurers with Decent WebsitesUK Adventurers with Decent Websites

As the title of this post implies, I've put together a list of all the UK adventurers with decent websites. So, get ready, the list is complete and I can now reveal... there's only three

Yep. I was as disappointed as you. Only three.

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Project Wild ThingProject Wild Thing

Just learnt about Project Wild Thing and joined The Wild Network. It’s a project to get kids outdoors and it’s something I’ve been trying to do with my children for the last ten years (without them moaning too much and me putting them off for life).

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How to use a compass.How to use a compass.

An outdoor blog wouldn’t be an outdoor blog if it didn’t have a little section on how to use a compass. In the summer, most of the time in the Lake District, I don’t need to use my compass, but when it gets to this time of year, when the clouds come down or the wind blows up a load of snow, it’s a useful skill to have.

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Autumn Gear ListAutumn Gear List

The Lake District isn’t the harshest place in the universe (that’s HD189773b, a planet with 4000mph winds that rains glass) but on some days in autumn it can get a little chilly. So I’ve threw my shorts and polyester tees in the bottom of the wardrobe to fester for the winter and dug out my warmer stuff.

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10 Free Apps for the Outdoors10 Free Apps for the Outdoors

I don't usually like using technology when I'm hiking. I like the peace and quiet of the outdoors, I like good old fashioned maps and a compass, I like the sound of my boots on rock and the rustle of wind in my trousers - that didn't sound quite right but you get the picture. When you're hiking you're hiking, it's an experience in itself - you don't need technical stimulation because what the outdoors provides is good enough.

But, after saying all that, I do love my iPhone. And there are some great apps about that might just, only slightly, make the outdoors even better.

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How Many Jackets do you Actually Need?How Many Jackets do you Actually Need?

The pole in our hall cupboard looks really fed up. It’s been straining for years to hold the weight of all of our jackets and now has a deep bend in the centre that looks close to snapping . There must be 40 jackets in there, not ski jackets, they’re in the spare bedroom, and not fancy ‘nights out’ jackets they’re in the cupboard next to it – these are just our ‘outdoor’ jackets. But how many outdoor jackets do you really need?

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5 Ways to Combat Downhill Knee Pain5 Ways to Combat Downhill Knee Pain

I inherited my great grandfathers knees, they’re 143 years old and they felt it coming down Place Fell last week. I can walk forever on the flat (slight exaggeration) and for days uphill (massive exaggeration) but coming down, some days it feels like someone’s shoved a load of broken glass under my knee caps...

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Sunlight: It's not that good for youSunlight: It's not that good for you

I went for a quick walk up Carrock Fell at the weekend and got a bit burnt on the back of my neck. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. I have bluey-white Cumbrian skin so I put on plenty of sun tan cream but still the deadly rays got through. How?

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Outdoor Etiquette: Hiking Chit-ChatOutdoor Etiquette: Hiking Chit-Chat

I know we all go on The Fells to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, nevertheless, when you’re walking, I think it’s essential that you talk to your fellow hikers. I’m not saying swap emails and get out your wedding photos, I’m saying you should always acknowledge someone if you’re walking right passed them...

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Walking with ChildrenWalking with Children

I am currently undertaking the most difficult challenge of my life – getting my kids to walk for more than an hour. We’ve been walking in the fells for years and some days it’s great and others, like last night near Caldbeck, it’s not so great. Here's my findings...

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How to Choose Walking PolesHow to Choose Walking Poles

When it comes to tricky questions I always delegate to someone much cleverer than me. The boffins at The Journal of Sports Medicine did some clever experiments on the compressive force on the knees while walking and discovered that walking poles reduce force on the knees by 25%... find out more.

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Correct Walking TechniqueCorrect Walking Technique

I was reading an Outdoorsmagic thread on 'Correct Walking Technique' the other day. It was a serious discussion with a lot of good points. Things like stride length and cadence were talked about as was heel striking and the use of the forefoot. Find out about the correct way to walk... you'll be amazed.

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Three Peaks WalkThree Peaks Walk

Me and Doug did The Three Peaks Walk a couple of years ago (2011) on the Bank Holiday in August. We did it with 10 minutes to spare, so no problem at all... Here’s a list of don’ts to help your day go smoother:

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Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?

When we owned the shop in Keswick we got a lot of people through the door who had spent a week on the fells without scraping out their arm pits or changing their under garments. I did a little survey and asked the whiffiest people what baselayers they were wearing – don’t cringe, I was subtle...

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Softshell or Hardshell?Softshell or Hardshell?

First of all let’s get this obvious question out of the way – what is a softshell? I’m going to manage your expectation here and tell you you’re going to be disappointed with the answer. Here it is: a softshell is similar to a hardshell only softer...

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Finally- scientific proof that you need a lighter loadFinally- scientific proof that you need a lighter load

You wouldn't dare argue with Sir Isaac Newton would you? I know he got bonked on the head with an apple but we all do daft things.

The main concern for us walkers is that Newton discovered the reason we need to lighten the load of our rucksacks.

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Treatment for blistered feetTreatment for blistered feet

While browsing the outdoor forums I noticed a few threads about treatment for blistered feet. These threads should have a ‘Are you 18 or over?’ pop up box to protect us sensitive types, it's gruesome...

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How much grub do you need to munch per day on a 3 day hike?How much grub do you need to munch per day on a 3 day hike?

Because I'm thick, I'm going to let somebody much cleverer than me do the sums. The massively clever T.M. Carpenter wrote a book which hurts my frontal lobe...

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