Gelert Lanterns and Lights

Gelert 9 LED Activity LanternGelert 9 LED Activity Lantern
360o illumination, Easy operate push ON / OFF switch and durable folding carry handle.
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RRP £10.00

Gelert Rechargeable LanternGelert Rechargeable Lantern
9W U-Tube Rechargeable Lantern with Remote Control. Durable folding carry handle and 360 degree illumination
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RRP £30.00

Gelert 12 LED Mini Windup LanternGelert 12 LED Mini Windup Lantern
2 function (4 LED / 12 LED) lantern with mains or wind up charge. Easy operate push ON / OFF switch and 360o illumination
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RRP £20.00

Gelert 12 LED Adventure LanternGelert 12 LED Adventure Lantern
Stylish modern design with push on switch. Water resistant and carry handle
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RRP £12.00

Gelert 4 LED Wind Up Mini LanternGelert 4 LED Wind Up Mini Lantern
Water resistant , 360 degree illumination. Durable folding carry handle with soft touch rubber finish.
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RRP £9.50

Gelert Handy LanternGelert Handy Lantern
360 degree illumination with built in hanging rings. Slide on / off switch.
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RRP £7.00

Gelert Focusing Area LightGelert Focusing Area Light
Dual spot and lamp light. Hanging Handle with concealed wire stand to enable different light positions. Slide switch with 2 settings
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RRP £6.00

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