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Gelert Family Sized TentsGelert Family Sized Tents
These Gelert large family sized tents are ideal for prolonged camping trips. Gelert tents are great value becasue most of these tents have integrated, sewn in, groundsheets which aids pitching as well as reducing unwanted drafts. Flexible door & bedroom combinations are available with this range, giving the user a wide variety of layouts to suit every occasion.
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Prices from £55.00

Gelert 3-4 Person TentsGelert 3-4 Person Tents
Gelert three and four person tents have plenty of room for people and storage with large front porch storage areas for your gear. They are easy to pitch and compact in size. These tents provide ideal refuge from the elements.
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Prices from £36.50

Gelert 1-2 Person TentsGelert 1-2 Person Tents
Gelert one and two person tents usually have a bit of a storage area for your gear, they are easy to pitch and compact in size. These tents are ideal for the backpacker, for festival goers or for the occasional user.
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Prices from £16.50

Gelert Quickpitch Elite Pop Up TentsGelert Quickpitch Elite Pop Up Tents
The Elite is a new member of the GELERT Quick Pitch range of tents. With just 2 fixed fibreglass poles this is a completely trouble free tent to pitch. Simply unhook the tent poles & peg the flysheet & you are ready to go. An ideal tent for the weekend away or the festival goer.
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RRP £45.00
Price £33.50

Gelert Quickpitch Elite DS Pop Up TentsGelert Quickpitch Elite DS Pop Up Tents
The Elite DS has the same features as the Elite but with the extra benefit of being double skin. The completely integrated bedroom provides additional warmth & comfort. The fine mesh border system prevents those unwanted bugs from entering the tent.
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RRP £65.00
Price £39.99

Gelert Quickpitch SS 2 Person TentsGelert Quickpitch SS 2 Person Tents
Gelert have taken the Quick Pitch SS design to the next level - with a bigger bedroom design, now more people can enjoy the benefits of this great innovation.
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RRP £50.00
Price £28.50

Gelert Tent Canopies and CarpetsGelert Tent Canopies and Carpets
Add even more luxury to your already luxurious tents by extending the living area with a canopy and laying down a soft, warm, comfy carpet. Never go home again.
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Prices from £35.00

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Gelert Horizon 6 Tent ReviewsGelert Horizon 6 Tent Reviews

Reviewed by readers

This is a selection of Gelert Horizon 6 tent reviews - Average Rating: 9.17 out of 10

Here's one to get you going:

Love this tent. Spent 3 days in the Lakes with it in very wet and windy (60mph gusts) conditions and it didn't let a drop of rain in. Poles flexed and tent buffeted, but never threatened to come down, unlike others on the site in different tents who vacated early.

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How to choose a tentHow to choose a tent
Get your calculator out quick - if four people are camping, what sized tent would you buy?

If 4 people are camping, don't buy a 4 person tent unless you like someone else's saliva dribbling in your eye at 2.00am. 4 people in a 4 person tent is cozy. 2 people in a 2 person tent is cozy - don't do it. The manufacturer's recommendations are a little on the snug side.

So why have those manufacturers deceived us in this way ...

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