Golite Adrenaline 20 Down Sleeping Bags

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Golite Adrenaline 20 Down Sleeping Bags
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Golite Adrenaline 20 Down Sleeping Bags Ref: 3783
Golite Adrenaline 20 Down Sleeping Bags

Price: £190 (SRP £225)

A premium 800-fill goose down, 20º sleeping bag that offers superior warmth with unmatched comfort, weight and versatility. The waterproof Pertex® Endurance Arid Zones™ at the head and foot of the bag protect against condensation in critical areas. A trim mummy shape offers a closer fit with warmth efficiency and the half-length top zip provides the most efficient core temperature regulation.

Fill Weights: Medium 505g; Large 555g

Overall Weight: 850g

Sleeping Bag Specs
Rating: 20 deg F | -7 deg C

Regular Size:
Length - Fits up to 6' 6"
Girth - up to 60"


Still the warmest and most compressible insulation available

GoLite uses premium quality 800- and 600-fill power goose down. Down is still the most thermally efficient insulation available, i.e. it provides more warmth for its weight than any other insulation available. Down is also superior in its drape, comfort, lifespan, and compressibility. Nature is an incredible thing.
Unmatched warmth-to-weight ratio: down’s fine filaments reach out into its surroundings and create dead air space that slows the escape of warm air, doing it better than any synthetic.
More compressible and durable than synthetic insulations, and it retains its loft better over time.

Pertex® Endurance
A 30-denier ripstop nylon fabric with an ultra-thin membrane. This waterproof, wind proof, highly breathable fabric is used in the AridZone™ hood and foot boxes of the Adrenaline and Venture series sleeping bags.
20 Denier Ripstop Nylon Shell with DWR
100% Polyester 22 Denier Micro Fiber Liner

6" baffles, differentially cut with 5" loft
Baffled hood with drawcord
Insulated draft-tube in hood & zipper
Stuff sack
Trapezoidal foot box
Center front 1/2 zip
Zipper guard
Trimmer mummy shape for closer fit and higher warmth efficiency
Close fitting SkullGlove™ hood for maximum possible warmth efficiency
50/50 distribution of insulation for full loft and warmth for side/front sleepers
Gender specific designs optimize warmth and comfort
Durable zippers with snag-proof draft tube stiffeners

Sleeping Bag Care

It’s best to hand-wash your sleeping bag. Fill a bathtub with warm water, soak the bag, add a gentle soap such as Woolite (or even better, Nikwax Down or Tech Wash), kneed the soapy water through the baffles, and then rinse until the rinse water is fairly clean. To dry, follow the instructions below.

It is possible to machine-wash down and synthetic sleeping bags. First, though, consider the following factors:

The perimeter and baffle seams can tear, especially when the insulation is wet (thus heavier).
Normal household detergents will strip the natural oils from down, and residues from these cleaners will degrade the DWR-finish of the shell fabric.
Therefore, if you are going to machine-wash your sleeping bag, we recommend that you:
Use the gentle cycle on a front-loader washing machine, and
Use a mild detergent such as Woolite or an insulation-specific soap like NikWax Down Wash.
Rinse it more than once. This will remove detergent residue, which will improve overall performance.

Particularly in the case of down bags, drying is as important as washing. Down bags can appear to be dry from the outside while, in fact, its care is still damp, which can lead to mildew.
Using a tumble-dryer is recommended. Place a tennis ball in the drum with the bag to "fluff" it up as it rotates. Commercial dryers have larger drums than home machines and are therefore preferable if several items are being dried at the same time.
If you air-dry your down bag, remember to shake it regularly during the drying process to prevent clumps from forming.


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Golite Adrenaline Sleeping Bag
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