Golite Adrenaline Sleeping Bag Review - www.backpackgeartest.orgGolite Adrenaline Sleeping Bag Review - www.backpackgeartest.org
BackpackGearTest have done are very comprehensive test on the Golite Adrenaline 20 in some very extreme conditions. It's a long review which you can read for yourselves at:


I've picked out a few of the highlights e.g. fit and warmth to save you the effort.

Basically this is a high-end ultralight backpacking bag, so the goal is to provide essential features that provide functionality, while omitting features that simply add weight. The bag has only a one-half length zipper to save weight, but it is located on the top of the bag for ease of entry and zipping it closed. The Pertex Endurance panels at the ends of the bag add a little weight, but they ensure that the bag will not absorb water if it contacts wet tent walls. The hood has two one-handed adjustors to adjust the hood from inside the bag. The bag does not have features like sleeping pad straps, a foot vent, an interior pocket, or a pillow pocket.

I found the bag to be proportioned well in the shoulder, hip, and foot areas, providing enough room in each area. I really like the bag’s hood; it surrounds my head well, covers my face, and places a breathing hole right at my mouth where it should be

I typically wear some clothing inside a sleeping bag, at least some lightweight long johns, to keep the bag clean. On several cold nights just above or below the bag’s 20 F (-7 C) temperature rating I wore medium weight insulated clothing inside the bag and stayed comfortably warm. Overall, I found the bag’s 20 F (-7 C) temperature rating to be realistic.

Overall Assessment
I am very impressed with the GoLite Adrenaline 20’s design, construction, and performance. Its use of 800 fill down is appropriate for a moderately priced ($325USD) lightweight sleeping bag (bags with 850+ fill power down cost significantly more). Although the bag is sized to be trim for warmth and light weight, it is not tight, and there is adequate room inside to wear extra clothing to extend its warmth. The materials used effectively provide durability, water-resistance, and light weight. The center half-length zipper is a feature that some hikers may not like because it does restrict entry/exit somewhat, and the zipper easily snags with one-handed operation. However, I easily adjusted to those limitations and did not find them to be a problem. I found the bag’s warmth to be close to its temperature rating, and was impressed by its resistance to wetting and loss of loft in damp weather.

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