Golite Jam 2 Reader Reviews Golite Jam 2 Reader Reviews

Thought I'd copy out some reader reviews about the Golite Jam 2 from BackpackingLight.com. These reviews are taken from from US BackpackingLight.com Community Section

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Stephen Nelson
Rating: 5 / 5

This is the best all round pack I could find. After testing it, I find it to be the perfect balance of weight, durability, comfort, and size. At 19 oz (after my modifications of straps and such) it is light. Made of dyneema, it far surpasses those spinnaker and silnylon packs. It can be used for and 8 day hike without a resupply or conveniently packs down to a daypack. My favorite part is its flexibility. I can use it when hiking alone, with other ultralighters, or even pack on a few extra pounds to take a newbie out. I love this pack! And that is why I give it a 5.

Chistopher Witter
Rating: 5 / 5

I recently purchased the Jam2 and I could not be happier! This is my first UL pack, all of my other bags are 6-7 lb bombers from the 90's, Gregory and Lowe. I have been working on pairing down my kit from my old 45-60lb pack days, I consider this the foundation of my "Big Three" weight reduction. I want to thank those who posted before about Golite's sizing being a little off, I have a 19.5" torso and I went with the Large instead of the medium and I couldn't be happier about the fit. From the time I unpacked this from the box and threw it on empty it fit wonderfully! I carried....no I wore this backpack for 3 days on a recent AT trip loaded with 29 lbs of gear and food and I carried an the additional weight of 4 liters of water, 2 liters in front off of the shoulder straps and 2 liters in one of the side pockets. At first I didn't like the front pocket or the side pockets, but by the end of the trip I had figure out how to pack and make an efficient use of both of them, however if I were to change anything I would make each of them just a tad bit more user friendly so when the bag is stuffed their functionality is not compromised. With 29 lbs of gear and almost 9 lbs of water, for a total of 38 lbs of gear this bag carried like a dream! There was no need to adjust the straps every time I stopped or after taking it off and I didn't have to tighten the hip belt multiple times throughout the day etc.... I can not RAVE about how well this bag carried for ME! I am not sure what a virtual frame is but I think mine came with the upgraded version :) .... I didn't even use a sleeping pad inside to create a virtual frame, it just carried that well. Now my experiences may have been related to the way I packed it, and I did notice a little bit of trap fatigue at the end of a 10 hour day of walking but in the morning when I went to put it back on I certainly didn't feel any residual fatigue. If you are a Backpacker transitioning to a lighter weight you I would definitely suggest considering this.

Louis Giusto
Rating: 5 / 5

The Golite Jam2 pack has been my constant porter for the past 3 years. I find it is the perfect balance between comfort and lightweight construction. The Dyneema material, although weighing more than the average lightweight pack material, has served me well and is a comfortable trade off between durability and my constant ounce counting mentality. If packed properly the pack has served me on treks of five to seven days, and the two side compression straps and the comPACKtor system hold my gear snug when just going out for a quick overnight. Although I usually never use a hip belt on any pack that I own I found that the Jam2's hip belt to be capable for use with loads up to 25 lbs. The material, although not waterproof, does shed light moisture well and drys quickly when wet.

Ryan Dunne
Rating: 5 / 5

I've packed up to about 30 pounds in this, and didn't notice it as long as i used the hip belt. I usually put more like 20-25 lbs in it though, and it's much more comfortable. The material in the shoulder straps just doesn't really hold up to all that weight. I guess they put a different material in the 09 model, but it is heavier. I'm curious to get my hands on one to see if all the added weight is worth it.

back on topic! So the pack fits like a glove, which makes a huge difference.

I ripped out the water reservoir sleeve, detached the ice axe loops. I left the foam pad in, but apparently it'll save you an ounce or so by taking it out.

The back pocket is convenient, but i'm not sure if i prefer it over just having nothing there. The side stretch pockets are cut perfectly to grab a platy from without taking the pack off. I'm not particularly flexible either. :-D

The little hooks and loops on the bottom reduce the total volume of the pack. I actually use these more often than not... especially if I have a small load but need to use the larger pack to fit a bear canister. (boo)

Oh yeah. golite packs are harsh cheap too!

Jonathan Ryan
Rating: 5 / 5

I bought my Jam2 in late February as it was the last piece of gear I could purchase that would be of any significant help in reducing my pack weight. Coming from the Granite Gear Nimbus my base weight immediately lost 2 lbs of dead weight which was pretty exciting. My first couple of hikes with the pack pretty much met all of my expectations but then again they were all winter snowshoeing day trips where I never exceeded 15 lbs. It is now 8 months later and it continues to amaze me at how comfortable this pack really is. With my base weight hovering in the 7.5-9 lbs range depending on the trip, it is a dream to carry. Just last week I finished 3 days in the Grand Canyon where on one section I needed to carry 2 gallons of water. With a Torsolite pad semi inflated replacing the foam back padding and a Prolitegear.com small foam pad unraveled in the pack I was able to carry 35 lbs (traveling with my fiancé I try and take as much off her back as possible) in as much comfort as that much weight can be carried. Best of all, on the last day climbing out of the canyon when most of our water was gone and our packs were reduced to less than 10 lbs I was able to shrink the pack down with the hook and loop compactor system making the small load much tighter against my back. All in all the Jam2 is my new all around 4 season backpacking/mountaineering/carry-on goto pack. And while I wrote awesome reviews about the Golite Ion (which I still hold true) I purchased at the same time, I am beginning to think that the Jam2 could been the only pack that I need in my closet. After all simplicity is the what we are all after right??

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