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Gossamer Gear Bug Canopy
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Product Description
The Gossamer Gear Bug Canopy was designed to provide effective protection from flying bugs and to a lesser degree crawling bugs with a minimum weight penalty. At 3 oz, the Bug Canopy can be easily added to your Spinnshelter and will form a small enclosure from the middle of your sleeping bag up over your head and out towards the front door. The design is simple but effective; you will attach the Bug Canopy to five attachment points already sewn into your Spinnshelter which will create a canopy over your head and will keep pesky bugs at bay so you can eat, read or sleep in peace.

Five grosgrain attachment loops on the Bug Canopy form a roof over you to keep the bugs out
Two Rock Pockets at the door end of the canopy can be used to keep the doorway section pinned down to the ground
A red grosgrain loop helps to easily identify where to attach the Bug Canopy to the inside peak of the Spinnshelter
A small hook and loop closure allows you to open the front of the Bug Canopy for convenient entry and exit, and also if the bugs have subsided. It also allows you to tend to your cook stove which may be outside the Bug Canopy/Spinnshelter while you remain inside it during meal preparation
The Bug Canopy does not need to be removed from the Spinnshelter when breaking camp. Simply leave the Bug Canopy attached while folding up and stowing the Spinnshelter.
By adjusting the length of the attachment lines, your Spinnshelter pitch can be modified (eg. pitched with the sidewalls off the ground) without hindering the effectiveness of the Bug Canopy.

3.0 oz./85g complete

33" x 40" - approximate footprint

High quality mesh
Nylon line

Colour: Black
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