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Gossamer Gear Miniposa Rucksack - 2011
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Gossamer Gear Miniposa Rucksack - 2011 Ref: 3797
Gossamer Gear Miniposa Rucksack - 20011

Price: £70.00

Delivery Time: 3 Days

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Colour: Silver Grey

Hip Belt: Medium (30" - 35" waist) (76 - 89 cm.)

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Product Description

The 2009 Miniposa™ continues the revolutionary ways of its well established parents with the same incredible array of important features plus a reduced volume for all of you true minimalists out there who still want most of the features of the Mariposa™ line. We love the way this pack carries, its slimmer profile makes for a very controlled load that doesn't move around on your back but still allows 5 days worth of food and gear to be carried comfortably. It does admirable double duty as a summit or day pack when away from base camp. For 2009, we've made changes to the Miniposa™ to make it even lighter. We've removed the carbon fiber stays and channels, since you won't really need them for the weight you'll be carrying, we switched the outer pocket mesh to the same lighter weight mesh that we use on the Murmur™, we're using a lighter weight elastic on the tops of the outer pockets, we're using a lighter weight 3D mesh on the shoulder straps and hip belt, and we replaced some heavy webbing and elastic to lighter grosgrain ribbon. You won't miss anything, however, as these changes make the pack lighter while still providing all the functionality you need all for under a pound. We've also added the same removable hip belt that we use on the Mariposa Plus™. For those who don't use a hip belt, it can be removed and makes the Mini a 10-11 oz. pack. The ample pockets make this a deceptively big "small" pack and the rear pocket is large enough for a Squall Classic™ or one of our GG tarps, leaving that much more room inside for your more weather sensitive items.

The Miniposa™ builds on the popular features of the stalwart G4™ backpack, effectively incorporating the "dual use" technique of ultralight backpacking. Your sleeping pad (NightLight™, Z-Lite™/Z-Rest™, Thermarest® 3/4 length, or other 20"-wide pad) becomes part of the pack frame by inserting into the back of the pack. This way it can be extracted during rest stops to sit/lay on without unpacking your pack. The shoulder straps and hip belt are designed to accept unused articles of clothing as padding and the hip belt is now removable. Foam inserts are included if you are disinclined to use sleeping socks, gloves, etc. as your padding.

The new Miniposa™ keeps the same Mariposa™ family features in a new trimmer silhouette, unique symmetric side pocket design (both side pockets are accessible while wearing the pack), dual function removable adjustable sternum strap/emergency whistle, and hydration bladder pocket with ports on each side. Cushy wicking fabric on the shoulder straps and hip belt prevent slipping, and the 3-dimensional weave aids in quicker drying. Multiple pockets help you organize your load. Tons of strategically placed lashing loops enable you to easily adapt the pockets to carry longer items by lashing them to the sides. The unique "Y" top lash strap allows for a more stable 3-point connection to secure items such as rolled sleeping pads or bear canisters, with still only one buckle to operate. The sturdy shock cord compression lacing allows you to reduce the pack volume so it still carries the load tightly for shorter trips. Many of the features are removable, so you don't need to carry the weight if you don't require that feature for a particular trip. You can configure the basic pack for around 10 ounces.

You'll love the attention to detail such as the angle on the side pockets to make them more accessible, the use of "V" lash loops to spread the loads over a wider area and for ease of use and the lining of the shoulder strap and hip belt with silnylon against the wicking fabric for easier insertion of socks, etc. and to help prevent those socks from getting soggy from sweat.

ll Miniposa backpacks ship with the following:
2 foam hip belt pads
2 foam shoulder strap pads
120" of shock cord and 3 mini cord locks.

Miniposa Features

Removal of stays and stay channels
Replacement of webbing with grosgrain ribbon in key areas
Redesigned pockets
Lighter weight pocket mesh, elastic and 3D mesh
Removable hip belt
New pad holder lycra mesh
Improved sewing for better durability.

Roomy mesh pockets with double wall ripstop reinforced bottoms
Drinking tube "keeper" loop on shoulder straps
Plenty of compression loops, shock cord and three cord locks for lots of compression options
Uses a sleeping pad as a frame
Shoulder straps and hip belts designed to accept unused clothing as padding
Includes removable foam inserts for shoulder straps and hip belts
Two side mesh bottle pockets accessible without taking off pack
Rear mesh pocket for drying gear
"Y-strap" closure to protect gear in inclement weather, attach bulky items to top
Removable, adjustable sternum strap with integrated whistle buckle
Hydration bladder pocket with dual drinking tube ports
3-D wicking fabric on shoulder straps and hip belt
Haul loop for picking up pack
Ice axe loop


Small: 14.1 oz. (400 g.)
Medium: 14.5 oz. (411 g.)
Large: 15.3 oz. (434 g.)
This includes:
2 Foam shoulder strap pads = 0.2 oz. (6 g.) each
2 Foam hip belt pads = 0.1 oz. (3 g.) each
Removable hip belt = 3.2 oz. (91 g.)
Removable sternum strap = 0.7 oz. (20 g.)
Compression lacing and cord locks = 0.5 oz. (14 g.)
2,800 c.i. (46 l.) total
2,400 c.i. (39 l.) in main pack body/extension collar
400 c.i. (6.5 l.) in all pockets combined
Small (13" - 17" torso) (33 - 43 cm.)
Medium (16" - 20" torso) (41 - 51 cm.)
Large (20" - 24" torso) (51 - 61 cm.)
30 denier 1.3 oz. per sq. yd. (44 g. per sq. m.) silicone-coated ripstop nylon ("silnylon")
Selected use of 210 denier 4 oz. per sq. yd. (135.7 g. per sq. m.) urethane-coated double wall ripstop nylon

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