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Gossamer Gear Spinnsheet
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Product Description
Gossamer Gear was able to get a deal on some yardage of spinnaker fabric at a significant discount. This pricey fabric is prized for it's strength to weight ratio, but is now, while supplies last, economical enough to use for a groundsheet. The current versions are white, and are slightly heavier (and more durable) than the earlier blue spinnsheets.
Spinnaker fabric ranges in it's waterproof characteristics. This particular cloth does not meet the industry standard of waterproof to 2 psi, and so is described as "highly water-resistant". If you are often camping in very wet areas, this may not be the groundsheet for you. On the other hand, if you are usually sleeping on dry areas, this is a perfect lightweight addition to your gear to help keep the rest of your gear clean(er).

Spinnsheets are now available in a 4-yd. length (by 54" width), in response to customer requests for a larger piece that they could custom trim to a groundcloth of their choosing.

Weight: 4.1 oz

Material:Tough ripstop nylon spinnaker fabric
Outdoor Clothing UK > Gossamer Gear Spinnsheet