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Gossamer Gear Spinnshelter - 252g ultra lightweight tent / fly sheet
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Gossamer Gear
Gossamer Gear Spinnshelter - 252g ultra lightweight tent / fly sheet Ref: 35
Gossamer Gear Spinnshelter - 252g ultra lightweight tent / fly sheet

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Product Description
Simply put, the Gossamer Gear Spinnshelter™ is the lightest weight, full protection waterproof shelter available on the market today. It provides an unbelievable 4.9 sq. ft. of floor space per ounce of waterproof shelter!
Spinnshelter fabric is made in Europe and was originally designed to the exacting standards for use in the most recent America’s Cup Yacht race. The shelter design itself originated from the desire to have full coverage when needed, combined with the versatility that you’d expect from using a tarp for shelter, delivered using ultralight but uncompromising fabric.

High thread count spinnaker cloth - the lightest fully waterproof fabric available
Computer-designed catenary ridgeline
Provides COMPLETE protection from the elements
Overall tarp/door design allows multiple pitching configurations
All four doors can be rolled closed or pitched open independently
Large main tarp area and immense vestibule provides generous living space and abundant storage capacity.
10-inch front door overhang
Front peak height allows average-sized hiker to sit up inside
Computer designed main tarp wall shapes allow sufficient interior height and space to minimize contact with interior walls
Five stake out points per side (on main tarp) extends pitching options and minimizes fabric stress
Convenient Red (front peak) and Blue (rear peak) pull outs aids pitching efficiency
Can be used as an emergency shelter for 2 persons

8.9 oz / 252g - Tarp before seam sealing
0.2 oz / 5g - Stuff Sack (included)
2.0 oz / 5g - 8 6” Titanium stakes (recommended)
0.4 oz / 11g - 22’ of 275 lb. EZC line (50' included)
38.3 sq. ft. - Complete tarp, staked down position
27.8 sq. ft. - Main tarp section
7.6 sq. ft. - Front vestibule
2.9 sq. ft. - Rear vestibule
86 in. - Length of main tarp section, not counting 10-inch front overhang and 4-inch rear overhang, or vestibules
40 in. - Height at peak under standard setup
55 in. - Front width (minimum)
38 in. - Rear width (minimum)
0.9 oz fully waterproof high thread count spinnaker cloth Selected use of 70 denier coated ripstop nylon for reinforcement Grosgrain pullouts
EZC spectra-core line (275-lb. tensile strength) Color:
Natural (white)
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