How to choose walking poles
This is an anti-shock article designed to take the horror out of selecting your perfect walking pole. Aluminium, Carbon Fibre, Anti-Shock, Uncle-Shock, we cover it all...

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How to reproof and waterproof your jacket
When it comes to waterproofing and cleaning waterproof jackets there are a lot of options. Do you iron or tumble dry? Use soap flakes or Techwash? Grangers or Nikwax? Here we answer a few questions....

Cleaning and Reproofing - Click here to read more
How to choose a Sleeping Bag
With the vast assortment of sleeping bags on the market it is sometimes difficult to make a decision. I'll try and help.

Sleeping Bags - Click here to read more
How to clean your hydration System
There are various methods for cleaning your hydration system based on how organized or how lazy you are.

The first thing to mention is that bugs, mould, fungusy things love juice and energy drinks better than water. If you like energy drinks and then leave your bladder in the boot of the car for a month then skip to the industrial strength cleaning section.

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How to choose a tent
Get your calculator out quick - if four people are camping, what sized tent would you buy? This and many other riddles are answered here ...

Tents - Click here to read more
How to choose a Camping Stove?
Propane, butane, meths, kerosene, esbit, hexamine - what is this a rave or a camping shop. Stoves and their fuel explained...

Camping Stoves - Click here to read more
How to wear a Buff
It's a beanie, a bandana, a scarf, a balaclava, a headband, a hat...

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