Lake District Blogs

04 July 2013

I have a few favourite Lake District blogs that I look in on frequently and I've listed them below. But I was having a look around for more blogs that concentrate on The Lake District just to see what was out there. One thing I've noticed is that people get really fed up with blogging. There's loads of great blogs out there that died after about 2 years never to be looked at again.

The one's below are Lake District bloggers who (like me) have kept going. There are a few more who blog about 5 times a year but I've left those ones out.

I'll keep looking and when I find more good ones with frequent posts I'll add them to the list. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

This blog has got loads of walks and lots of photos, if there's a fell you want to climb there's a good chance it's on here. If there's a fell you don't want to climb, there's still a good chance it's on here.

Everything you need to know about bouldering in the Lake District. Even if you're not into bouldering this is worth a look, it has videos and photos of people climbing boulders, what could be better than that.

Beth Piper loves Cumbria and you can tell from this blog. She updates it at least once a week and it's well worth a read.

Fairly new blog. It's not a walking blog it's more of a things to do site, so worth checking out if your bored, which you never will be because you're better than that.

Esmeralda's place has got everything - faeries, boggles, gods, vikings, vampires, King Arthur, druids, witches, poets, sailors - just have a look for goodness sake.

I like cycling and I like The Lake District. This website is about cycling and The Lake District, so guess what - I love it. Plus it's got web links to each location, very useful.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young

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