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MSR Superfly Average Rating: 4.80 out of 5MSR Superfly

Average Rating: 4.80 out of 5
Reviewer 1: I've been using the Superfly for about 3 years as a backpacking stove. Bought it over the Pocket Rocket and other smaller stoves because it has a large flame head and would be less likely to burn food with small localized heat spot. The adapatability to different manufacturers fuel canisters was also a priority. The stove boils water,melts snow quickly and simmers well. I've used it down to 20F at 10k' elevation with no problems. Holds a pot fairly well on rests, but stabilty suffers somewhat on uneven ground without canister stand. I've found that there is a difference in fuels. Primus and MSR fuels both work well in cool temperatures at high altitude while the Snowpeak Gigapower fuel sputters and has a yellowish flame (ok at low altitude though). Bought the piezo lighter a year later. It melted off in it's first outdoor use,wind fanned the flames toward the igniter. Definitely less hassle than liquid fuel stoves,same efficiency, but fuel costs more. 5 stars for the stove, zero stars for the piezo igniter.

Reviewer 2: I used this stove for the first time this summer. It turned out to be an excellent investment for me. It has great flame control and distribution. I like the fact that I can use just about any cannister on the market. The autostart option was well worth the extra expence in my opinion, it gave me no problems in a variety of weather conditions. The best part of it is that I had my water boiling before my friends had their white gas stoves primed. Overall a great stove; I highly recommend this stove to any three season backpacker

Reviewer 3: First stove I bought after looking around and comparing features & prices. Not as light as the Pocket Rocket, but has a MUCH better flame area and heats up 16oz of water within 3 minutes @ 9000 ft.

The stove takes almost ANY canister fuel, but works best with MSR fuel which still isn't bad at $5 a pop- you get a good hour of cooktime if not more. That means that, if you use it 10 minutes a day for breakfast and dinner, you'll get almost a week's worth on one can! It's really easy to get one of the much smaller canisters from another company if weight is an obsession. Fold-out arms keep pots from sliding, and is surprisingly stable even though it looks tall.

No cleaning required so far, and may not be as stable with smaller canisters.


MSR Whisperlite Internationale Average Rating: 4.08 out of 5MSR Whisperlite Internationale

Average Rating: 4.08 out of 5
Reviewer 1: "It's cheap, it's light, and it BURNS, baby, BURNS!" Who cares that the Whisperlite can't hold a simmer? As one camper said, "for the 50 bucks I saved over the Dragonfly, I can hold the pan 2 inches in the air." If you're not looking to cook gourmet meals, this is a great stove. Reviewers found it lightweight, compact, and dependable. Maintenance isn't a problem, "even a monkey can maintain this stove in the field." Monkey or not, most people suggest a bit of practice before leaving home, to adjust to the quirks of the stove. If you want a stove "that should last forever" this may be it.

Reviewer 2: Outstanding. I am fussy on gear, and hard on gear. This stove has survived and served me well for the last 7 years all over the world. Unleaded? Av gas? etc.etc.? runs a little rough, but hey, we're travelling rough. Shellite / camp fuel? - perfect!! This thing is my soulmate. In a world of disposable consumables, this little gem is a diamond. If it runs a little hot, hold the pan up manually, or (as I do for rice), use a heat displacement pad

Reviewer 3: We use this stove on multi day backpacking and canoe trips. It is easy to light. It requires very little maintenance (like once in a while you need to poke out the jet with a small tool they gave us with the kit....basically maintenance free). It is light and it folds down (maybe not clear from the picture...) into a very tight package. We've had ours for four years. If I lost it I would go buy another one. Otherwise i will probably never need to shop for stoves again. You won't be dissapointed with this stove.

MSR Pocket Rocket Average Rating: 4.51 out of 5MSR Pocket Rocket

Average Rating: 4.51 out of 5
Reviewer 1: "Wonderful little stove. Perfect size for hiking and powerful enough for big meal cooking. The burner`s a little on the small size for frying stuff but surprisingly very wind resistant.

Reviewer 2: I'm very pleased with this stove. It worked like this: Turn on, light up. Very simple. Very light. Very reliable. I've used this stove at below freezing temps in Yoho in October in a snowstorm. Lit right up, and cooked my food splendidly. The flame goes wide enough to cook over an average sized pot without too much of the hot-spot problem. The flame is adjustable enough to cook rice or simmer, but when simmering be carfeul to stir constantly. Con: After repeated use the little clip (poor excuse for a wind shield) suffered from differential expansion and was too big to stay clipped on. With some pliers I made it fit and stay clipped on. You can't even tell. That is a pretty minor problem. I'm not sure how much good this little clip does in windy conditions, but I'd rather have it on than not. In any case some innovation is needed to keep it protected from the wind.
The fuel canisters can be recycled. I know that MEC in Calgary has an apparatus to safely crush them and they send them out to be recycled. If they have such a program, I'm sure other stores dp as well.

Reviewer 3: Great stove. Great price. Light weight. Easy to use. Would recommend to anyone. Just remember, if you're planning to use in winter, don't. White gas stoves are needed for that because the isobutane/propane cannisters cannot stay pressurized in cold.

I'm very pleased with the Pocket Rocket. It's as small as it gets as far as stoves go, inexpensive, and it performs great. Boils a pot of water (1.5 liter) in about 5 minutes. It can also simmer, although I mainly use it to boil water to add to my dehydrated meals.

I was a little skeptical about the fuel before I bought the stove. After using it on a weeklong hike, I was very impressed with how long a can of IsoPro lasts.

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