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MSR Whisperlite Camping StoveMSR Whisperlite Camping Stove
For over 15 years, the WhisperLite has been the leader in backpacking stoves for its reliability and simple design. It burns a wide range of fuels, which means it's perfect for use all over the world. It is easily maintained using a simple tool kit.
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RRP £90.00
Price £75.00

MSR Superfly Lightweight StoveMSR Superfly Lightweight Stove
This Multi-Mount, top-of-the-line backpacking stove works with a variety of self-sealing canisters, making it as versatile as the trips you take. Whether you're walking into the woods behind your house or going on an international trip, you won't get stuck without the right fuel.
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RRP £50.00
Price £39.99

MSR Pocket Rocket - ultra lightweight gas stoveMSR Pocket Rocket - ultra lightweight gas stove
When it comes to canister-mounted stoves, MSR proves less is more. The PocketRocket is a favourite of BACKPACKER Magazine Tester Andy Dappen, who said, "This midget flamethrower is one of the lightest backpacking stoves available, and the best cartridge stove I’ve used."
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RRP £30.00
Price £24.99

MSR Reactor StoveMSR Reactor Stove
State of the art cookware and revolutionary stove design combine to create the fastest, most fuel efficient stove system ever. The Reactor's radiant burner is enclosed by a unique heat exchanger for unmatched performance in windy conditions while an advanced pressure regulator provides optimal heat output over the life of each fuel canister.
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RRP £140.00
Price £119.99

MSR Titan Kettle - 0.85L titanium potMSR Titan Kettle - 0.85L titanium pot
Most dedicated ultralighters have a little titanium in their kit. Prized for it's strength, durability and light weight, titanium is perfect for cookware. The MSR Titan Kettle can be used as your individual combination pot, mug and bowl. It holds 850ml, so you can make your meal and still have some hot water left over for a hot drink, soup or dessert.
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RRP £55.00
Price £45.00

MSR Lightweight Titanium Fork and SpoonMSR Lightweight Titanium Fork and Spoon
Don't keep nicking your mam's best cutlery. For one thing, she needs it and secondly it weighs an absolute tonne
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RRP £20.00
Price £17.50

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