Helly Hansen Men's Baselayers and T Shirts

Men's Helly Hansen LIFA Dry - Sport  BaselayersMen's Helly Hansen LIFA Dry - Sport Baselayers

This is a versatile men's baselayer with exceptional moisture control. Fits closer to the skin than the LIFA Cool range to keep you very dry and allow maximum moisture movement. Outstanding as layering - very good as a single layer. Keeps you dry.
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Men's Helly Hansen LIFA Thermal BaselayersMen's Helly Hansen LIFA Thermal Baselayers

Thermal base layer with a perfect combination of comfort and performance. T3 hollow core LIFA next to the skin and super fine merino wool on the outside to keep you extra warm. T3 LIFA fibre with hollow core to imitate the thermal properties of polar bear's fur. This gives superior insulation power with very low weight. Helly Hansen men's thermal baselayers are perfect for low to high activity levels, where you are stopping and starting
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Men's Helly Hansen LIFA Dry - Graphic BaselayersMen's Helly Hansen LIFA Dry - Graphic Baselayers

Progressive style complements advanced HH® Dry base layer technology to keep the body warm and dry in a broader range of conditions. The Stripe Crew Graphic features a soft hollow-fiber polypropylene LIFA® interior to maintain body heat and a cross-fiber polyester exterior with Xpulsion technology to rapidly move sweat and moisture away from the skin.
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Helly Hansen Men's LIFA - Baselayer PantsHelly Hansen Men's LIFA - Baselayer Pants

The classic HH® baselayer pants are designed for high aerobic activities where moisture movement and warmth are key factors. The DRY pants move moisture rapidly. The prowool WARM pants provide an extra layer in colder conditions.
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Men's Helly Hansen LIFA Cool  BaselayersMen's Helly Hansen LIFA Cool Baselayers

A performance packed athletic baselayers with advanced dry fiber and air circulation features. HH® Cool™ with Lifa® Stay Dry Technology™ pulls excess heat and sweat away from skin for long term dryness during high-intensity pursuits.This is your on-body air conditioning. This is a versatile men's baselayer with exceptional moisture control. Outstanding as layering - very good as a single layer.
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Men's Helly Hansen Base Layer Information - The original performance base layer
Ever since Helly Hansen invented the performance base layer in 1974, LIFA has been a favourite among professionals

Helly Hansen offer 3 LIFA men's base layer categories that together cover all sports, all conditions, all year.

LIFA Stay-dry technology

LIFA men's base layers hate water. It retains less moisture than any other fabric
LIFA retains 40 times less moisture than polyester, the fibre used by most base layer brands
LIFA has a permanent natural resistance to bacteria and has no odour retention
LIFA performance men's baselayers not only insulate next to the skin,
but move heat stealing moisture away from your body quicker. This means you stay dry and comfortable in any condition.
Lightweight Performance fro Men
LIFA is extremely light. Polyester weighs over 50% more while wool and cotton are 70% heavier than LIFA
LIFA gives more performance per weight than any other fabric technology
LIFA base layer insulation Properties
Helly Hansen LIFA men's base layers have a low conductivity factor making it a very efficient insulator.

LIFA allows you to go lighter and still keep dry, warm and comfortable.
100% Recyclable
Helly Hansen Men's LIFA base layers and their packaging are 100% recyclable and its production is clean and requires low energy consumption.

Helly Hansen produce the most environmentally friendly performance base layer on the market.
Helly Hansen Baselayer Uses:
Skiing - a bulk free way of keeping you warm
Football - wear baselayer underneath football shirts
Hiking - quick drying so you won't get cold when you're eating your sandwiches
Watersports - Helly Hansen are experts at watersports and their baselayers are too.

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