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Target Dry Colorado Ski Jacket - HALF PRICE Target Dry Colorado Ski Jacket - HALF PRICE Ref: 527
Target Dry Colorado Ski Jacket

RRP £60

Highly Waterproof
Fully lined
Waterproof zips
Zipped underarm air vents
4 Front pockets (2 with waterproof zips)
Ski pass pocket with waterproof zip
Detachable Hood
Ski Shirt

Fabric: 100% nylon with hydrophilic waterproof coating

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Price: 29.99

Navy/Light blue   

Small (38" chest)   
Medium (40" chest)   
Large (42" chest)   
XLarge (44" chest)   


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Which ski jacket should you choose? Here's some advice from our customers

This is a summary of what our customers have told us over the last few years.

Just like the ski pants, surprisingly, the word cheap is used a lot. Again cheap doesn't mean poor quality, because the cheap ski jacket needs to be many things.

For starters it needs to be lightly insulated, so that it can be used on hot and cold days. On really cold days the ski jacket can be worn with a thermal base layer, this makes the ski jacket more versatile. Over insulated jackets are fine sometimes but can be too warm for some days on the slopes.

Breathability is important, but probably just as important is venting at the sweaty areas i.e. your pits. Waterproofing was essential to a degree, since most pre-spring skiing and boarding involves dry powder, and you're not going to experience a great deal of torrential rain, so the waterproofing doesn't need to be the most expensive one available on the market. If it keeps the snow off then you're happy.

Nice to have extras are detachable hood, ski pass pocket, goggle pocket, snow protector/snow skirt to keep the snow from whizzing up your back (not that you'll ever fall over) and a few extra pockets here and there for sweeties.

Like our ski pants, the ski jackets we choose are ideal for the beginner and the seasoned skier. The beginner who is unsure of whether or not they will fall in love with the sport wants something inexpensive (cheap), just in case they never tumble down a steep slope again. But they are also ideal for the seasoned skiers and boarders - just because you don't fall over any more doesn't mean you have to be ripped off.
Outdoor Clothing UK > Mens TargetDry Ski Jackets