We are lightweight hikers based in the beautiful Lake District. All the lightweight gear for sale on this website can be vouched for by either me or my mates. There isn't a massive range, but the stuff we sell we know you'll be happy with - because we are.

A lot of it is from the US. I lived in the US for many years and while I was out there, among the Tetons and around Yellowstone, I met people with amazing gear. Companies like Trail Designs, Gossamer Gear and Antigravity Gear were just starting out then, making their own stuff, hiking further, carrying less. I instantly loved the lightweight way of thinking and love it even more now.

We order regularly from the US, so if there’s something you want and are prepared to wait a few weeks before you get it, let us know and we’ll get it for you on our next order.

Hope you enjoy the site.

Winwood Outdoor Latest - May 2015

Winwood Outdoor has gone thorugh a lot of changes since we left our shop in Keswick, but we've finally gone back to what we know best - lightweight hiking and camping.

All the gear on this site has been tested thoroughly by us. Nowadays, because we’re ‘middle-aged’ with families and commitments and knees that are the same age as us, we do most of our hiking just down the road in The Lake District (which is good because I love The Lake District), but nevertheless we know the gear works.

Our old pages are referral pages at the moment until we decide what to do with them. We have some adverts on the site which help pay a little bit towards the running costs of the site.
If you want to get in touch please email me.

I've left the link to our old staff page just for old times sake and because I still like the jokes. We keep in touch with all of them.

Our Old Staff Page

Jacqui and Snubby are still living and working in Keswick. Snubby doesn't really work that much to be honest.
Philippa is working in a coffee shop in Carlisle
CJ has finished his degree in Newcastle and he's still playing in a band and kicking dustbins over.
Stacy is a teacher near York
Grandma is a still deaf (no, she isn't) (she made me put that in)

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