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Pacer Poles - Aluminium Walking Poles - Pair Pacer Poles - Aluminium Walking Poles - Pair Ref: 500
Pacer Poles - Aluminium Walking Poles

Pacerpoles are unique walking poles. Their design is based on anatomical / biomechanical research for transmitting maximum arm power and leverage - without wasting effort. You can feel the improvement instantly and hour after hour - whether crossing low level terrain - or high mountain ranges.

CAMERON McNEISH: “A truly innovative design which will I am convinced change the fundamental thinking on how we use poles to aid us when walking or trekking.”

CHRIS BONINGTON: “Pacerpoles are excellent and I will certainly be using them as my poles in the future.”

GRAHAM HOPKINS: “I through-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with a pair of Pacerpoles from Canada to Mexico, a distance of about 2658 miles. I loved the walking poles. They gave great power on the up-hill climbs, and good control on the descent, the largest of which was 7,000ft. I truly have to commend you for a great creation.”

Walking Pole Features:
Three section seamless 7075 Aluminium alloy shaft. Neoprene sleeve 14cm long.
Moulded thermo-plastic/rubber handles
Left and right specific walking poles: The right hand pacerpole has the orange insert plug.
Walking Poles dimensions:
Maximum Length : 137cm
Collapsed Length : 67cm
Dismantled for Stowing : 56cm
Length of carbide tip housing : 8cm

Walking Poles Weight : 650 grams (pair) excl. basket / ferrule

Always check that each shaft section of the walking pole is locked securely before use – and inspect them during the day, particularly if there is a temperature drop.

Expanding bolts: combinations of nylon-plastic / metal/ carbon firbe. When locking shaft sections together avoid tightening 'sharply'; use steady firm twists to allow time for the nylon-plastic part of the expanding bolt to fully engage against the shaft wall.

Extra Information:
The insert hole in the top of the handle has a plastic plug (orange for the Right handle) which can be removed with care so that add-ons such as a Pacerpole camera mount to make a pole into a monopod (for more info contact info@pacerpole.com), or for a small aluminium link-piece to join the poles together to form an A-frame for an ultra-light tent. Pacerpoles like other walking poles can also be used as tent supports in the usual way.

THREADED 4CM DIAMETER BASKETS: to remove the basket pull and turn it anti-clockwise; to replace it – push and firmly turn it clockwise until it sits above the threaded area of the shaft tip and easily rotates. In snow, use threaded snow-baskets that will rotate independently of the shaft of the walking pole (to avoid the shaft twisting and loosening the expanding bolts). Use of 4cm basket helps to minimise shaft penetration / jamming between rocks etc.

To keep the security cord out of the way, slide the toggle up as high as it will go under the handle, and then tuck the cord knot through the small space left between the toggle and the handle so the knot is held in place.

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Price: 79.99


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