It's not just a 12g meths stove - it's a full cooking system

7 April 2009

It's a stove and it weighs 12g - about the same weight as the bottom third of a pepsi can - and that's because it is the bottom third of a pepsi can.

If you are mechanically minded you can make one of these yourself. I like my fingers un-severed, and I love my blood so much that I like it to remain underneath my skin, so I didn't attempt it.

Cooking on a meths stove is easy.
Tip your meths in the top, waft over a match and plonk your pan on top. If you fill up the stove it will keep going for 15-20 minutes, enough time to soften your noodles.
But this is not the most efficient way of using the stove.
A better, more fuel efficient, way of using the stove is this.

1) Tip in about 15ml of meths, float (thought I'd use float instead of waft, hope you don't mind) over your match and plonk your pan on top.
2) In warmish conditions 15ml of fuel will be enough to bring a pan of noodles plus assorted yummy dried ingredients to the boil. In fact, it doesn't need to be boiling to be hot, whatever your Grandma used to say. As soon as the liquid starts to wobble it's hot - dip the end of your elbow in and you'll see (no don't).
3) Whip the pan off the heat and, if you've judged the meths to perfection, the stove should be just going out.
4) Put the lid on the pan and put it into the insulated 'cozy'. The noodles will cook in their own heat for the next 10, 20 minutes, whatever you like

You've cooked your noodles and you've only used 15ml of fuel.

Fuel is heavy. 500ml of meths weighs 400g, the cozy weighs 28.35g, so it makes sense to use the cozy more than the meths.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it take a long time to heat up?
Depending on ambient temperature, it takes about 60-90 seconds before the flames bloom from the holes. With the primer it blooms in a few seconds.

How long does it take to boil a pint of water?
Again depending on ambient temperature, it takes about 4-5 minutes.

Is there any flame adjustment?
No, but once the food is hot the insulated pouch acts as a simmer without using any fuel.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young
Will it work at colder temperatures?
You will need to put more fuel in to get the food hot. But once it's hot the insulated pouch will work the same.

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