Sealskinz Ultra Light Waterproof Socks

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Sealskinz Ultra Light Waterproof Socks
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SealSkinz® are the world's only range of waterproof, breathable, close-fitting socks. Suitable for a wide variety of uses, from outdoor pursuits to gardening, you're sure to stay dry with SealSkinz® on!

SealSkinz Ultra Lights are our lightest and thinnest socks. Using a Coolmax® lining they are ideal for use with lighter weight footwear and trail shoes. They add a great deal of flexibility when used with non-waterproof, breathable trail shoes for hiking in wet conditions or for crossing streams.

Every single SealSkinz® product is tested before it leaves the factory. The sock or glove is mounted onto a machine which subjects it to water pressure. If any product leaks, the item is rejected and diced. Every SealSkinz® product is therefore guaranteed to be 100% waterproof.

The waterproof film can withstand 10psi of hydrostatic head pressure, the equivalent of a column of water 700cm high standing on the fabric surface. This is 7 times the level required to meet European Standards for waterproof clothing.

Inner CoolMax ®
Membrane Porelle P540 Black
Outer Acrylic / Elastane


Sealskinz Socks Sizing Chart

Small: 5 - 7

Medium: 7 - 9

Large: 9 - 11

Outdoor Clothing UK > Sealskinz Ultra Light Waterproof Socks