Sportwool fabric is a unique combination of science and nature

Sportwool fabric is a unique combination of science and nature

Since me Mam knitted me those school sweaters fashioned from the roughest barbed wire, I haven't been a wool fan. But two things have changed my mind
1) a 60 minute talk at the local Sheep and Wool Centre
2) trying on a Montane bionic T

Firstly, they are comfy, really comfy - which might just be the most important thing.

Secondly, as I learnt from my 60 minute talk, wool is amazing.

Sportwool works with you to create a micro-climate.Sportwool works with you to create a micro-climate.
Wool is a living, breathing natural substance that is produced from protein keratin and is composed of multiple layers of interlocking molecules; it's complex, much more complex than synthetic fibre. And Sportwool uses the finest, softest wool.

Here's how it works as a baselayer. When Sportwool is worn against the skin it creates a micro-climate environment which draws moisture away from the skin. Even better, Sportwool electrically attracts moisture vapour and can take 30% of its own weight in moisture vapour before it starts to feel wet.

So as you can see from the thermal photo - the person on the left is much cooler than the sweaty guy on the right.
SPORTWOOL stays cool and comfortable during and after physical activity.SPORTWOOL stays cool and comfortable during and after physical activity.
Here's a few more features:
Keeps you cool when it's hot and warm in extreme cold.
Makes you feel cooler quicker and reduces sweating
Efficient wicking - moves liquid sweat away from the body.
Natural elasticity
Natural UV protection

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young

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