My Strava Cycling Download

Thought I'd keep you informed of my cycling efforts on Strava. I did the Fred Whitton Challenge in 2012 and felt quite good after it, so I've tried to keep up the cycling fitness. Here's a question: how do you do this in the winter in the UK? Here's another question: is it fun cycling in hail? or sleet? or ice? or all of them? I didn't include wind and rain in the list because I didn't want to seem too whingey and pathetic and that would exclude the remaining cycling days left in the year (sorry, it's been a bad few months of weather).

The thing I like about Strava is that it nags at you. If a week goes by and there's nothing on your Strava calendar you feel guilty as if you've forgotten your kids birthday or more importantly let Strava down. As for the segments, sometimes I love them sometimes I hate them, but they do make you try a bit harder. A lot of people know exactly where all the segments start and finish in their area, I keep forgetting. I'm last on a couple of segments because I stopped for a wee when I thought the segment had finished and it hadn't (I don't care you if you don't believe me, you'll never prove the truth).

My average speed ranges from about 17mph when it's flat and I'm feeling fired up and wind assisted to 10mph when I really can't be arsed (but at least I went out). Occasionally I do over 30 miles but the majority of my trips are between 12 and 20 miles. The rides that are less than this, are me freewheeling in the garage on the turbo trainer watching Top Gear on the iPad (two daughters and a wife mean the X-Factor, Britain's Got Talent, Stuff with Ashley Banjo in take priority on the telly).

Here's my latest Strava cycling activity. I'm not for a minute thinking you'll be interested in my latest Strava activity, but the fact that it's on this website and you may happen to glance at it once in a while will keep me motivated to make it look busy, that's the idea anyway.

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