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Terra Nova Superlite Voyager Tent - Updated for 2010
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Terra Nova Superlite Voyager Tent - Updated for 2010 Ref: 3931
Terra Nova Superlite Voyager Tent - 2 Person Lightweight Hiking Tent

Updated for 2009 the already popular Superlite Voyager has now stepped out of the shadow of it's older sibling the classic Voyager to have a re-designed back end and roof - improving it's already impressive weather-shedding ability.

Fans of all things lightweight will also be pleased to hear that despite being longer and with a taller porch, the Superlite Voyager is now over 300g lighter than previous models and is one third lighter than the classic Voyager. The semi-geodesic design has proved itself time and again, and the new Superlite Voyager carries on that tradition for anybody travelling in all but the harshest conditions.

Note: Due to the nature of the silcon fabrics used in this tent, the seams are not factory sealed

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Terra Nova Superlite Voyager Tent Specification

Rated: 3 Season Backpacking
Sleeps: 2
Pitches inner first for maximum stability and ventilation options
Packed Weight: 1.53kg
Minimum Weight: 1.45kg
Packed Size: 52x13cm
Poles: 8.55mm DAC
Pegs: 12 x 2g Titanium pegs
Reflective guylines
New shape for 2009

Terra Nova Guarantee

All Terra Nova tents and bivi bags are guaranteed to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.
Terra Nova Superlite Voyager - Our Opinion

The thing that freaks me out about a lot of the Terra Nova tents is the super-thinness of the material. The flysheet is thin, the inner is thin and, you guessed it, the inner floor is thin. In summary – it’s thin and the Superlite Voyager is no exception.

But don’t let this fool you.

Because it’s strong. The flysheet is strong, the inner is strong and, you got the message a couple of commas ago, the inner floor is strong. IT’S STRONG.

I’ve had this tent out a few times in the winter but the worst night I’ve ever had in it was on a summer’s evening at the Syke Farm campsite in Buttermere. We’d just hike over from Ennerdale and got a great pitch close to the river, we’d got our beers cooling in the water while we pitched the tent and then a monster crept over Haystacks and a wind you wouldn’t believe at this lake level altitude blew down the valley somewhere from Honister.

The roof of the Superlite Voyager, which usually has adequate headroom, spent the night about 3 inches from my nostrils.

In the morning I had a smug stroll around the campsite. All the family tents looked as though they’d been sat on by Kim Kardashian. The only one’s without any visible damage were our Superlite Voyager, a Vango Icarus 600 (must have been the TBS), a Tempest 300 and one that said Lidl on the side which I was quite annoyed about so let’s not go there.

This is not a review, this is just a statement of strength.

If you want a tent that will keep you safe no matter what weather the UK can throw at you and only weights 1.53kg packed then I recommend this.
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Outdoor Clothing UK > Terra Nova Superlite Voyager Tent