The Country Code
Sorry, tiny bit of a rant. We went for a walk at the weekend just up to Lanty's Tarn with the kids and I saw a couple stuffing crisp packets and bottles into some rocks. If there's one thing that makes me mad it's litter, I hate it on Keswick main street never mind in the middle of the country side. I asked if they were going to leave it there and got a load of abuse as if I was sticking my nose in - which I was.

Anyway, this reminded me of Joe and Petunia and why is there no public information films anymore.
Joe and Petunia - The Country Code
While I was looking for Joe and Petunia, I came across this which is still scary... well I think it is. I've never drowned in a spooky pond, so it obviously worked
I'll be back, back, back

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