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Trail Designs Primer
Antigravity Gear
Trail Designs Primer Ref: 440
This is a great accessory for your alcohol stove. It provides a secure base for the stove and allows the stove to attain full temp for cooking in only 15 seconds. A good item for cold weather starting.

To use:
Place stove on Primer Pan and add desired amount of fuel to stove.
Put 1/4 teaspoon or about 15 drops of denatured alcohol in the primer pan.
Place cooking pot on the UNLIT stove.
Light the alcohol in the Primer Pan. That's all there is to it!

Why it works so well: In normal light-up and operation, you light the fuel in the stove and wait for it to reach full temperature before setting the pot on the stove. This is because the stove is heating the alcohol in the outer chamber of the stove from the center outward. It takes about 90 seconds this way and you should hold the pot about 2 inches above the stove to avoid wasting the BTUs. With the Primer Pan, the fuel in the outer chamber heats up from the outside inward thus reaching operating temperatures much faster. You will have a hotter and larger than normal flame at first but it will settle down when the Primer Pan alcohol is consumed.

Weight: 0.2oz/5.6g


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