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Autumn Gear ListAutumn Gear List

The Lake District isn’t the harshest place in the universe (that’s HD189773b, a planet with 4000mph winds that rains glass) but on some days in autumn it can get a little chilly. So I’ve threw my shorts and polyester tees in the bottom of the wardrobe to fester for the winter and dug out my warmer stuff.

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How Many Jackets do you Actually Need?How Many Jackets do you Actually Need?

The pole in our hall cupboard looks really fed up. It’s been straining for years to hold the weight of all of our jackets and now has a deep bend in the centre that looks close to snapping . There must be 40 jackets in there, not ski jackets, they’re in the spare bedroom, and not fancy ‘nights out’ jackets they’re in the cupboard next to it – these are just our ‘outdoor’ jackets. But how many outdoor jackets do you really need?

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Mallory’s Everest Clothing 1924Mallory’s Everest Clothing 1924

It’s always good to take a glance at the past just to see how we’re doing now. When you look at those old photos of Mallory and Irvine’s expedition up Everest in 1924, it’s easy to think they just found an old pair of boots in the pantry, threw their dads’ tweed jackets on and set off up the mountain - but if you thought that, you’re about to feel pretty thick.

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Nanotechnology and the OutdoorsNanotechnology and the Outdoors

Nanotechnology sounds super exciting. In my mind it implies complex microscopic machines, in fact, atomic factories with some sort of miniscule propulsion system that transforms things or cleans things or finds and destroys things, all at a sub-atomic level. When I see it in outdoor clothing I go crazy...

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Softshell or Hardshell?Softshell or Hardshell?

First of all let’s get this obvious question out of the way – what is a softshell? I’m going to manage your expectation here and tell you you’re going to be disappointed with the answer. Here it is: a softshell is similar to a hardshell only softer...

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Deciphering Waterproof Jacket LabelsDeciphering Waterproof Jacket Labels

So you go into a shop with forty-eleven jackets hanging up. Your first instinct is: the moroccan blue with the burnt sienna cuffs looks amazing I’ll have that one, but you can’t. Not in a specialist outdoor clothing shop. It’s not what it looks like – it’s what it does. That’s right isn’t it? So you start reading all the labels...

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How Gore-Tex Really WorksHow Gore-Tex Really Works

Yonks ago, W.L. Gore created a thin membrane of expanded PTFE. This membrane was waterproof and amazingly stopped everyone drowning in their own perspiration by letting water in gas form out...

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Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?Which Baselayer is the Smelliest?

When we owned the shop in Keswick we got a lot of people through the door who had spent a week on the fells without scraping out their arm pits or changing their under garments. I did a little survey and asked the whiffiest people what baselayers they were wearing – don’t cringe, I was subtle...

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Why in the name of Sam Hill do you need a windshirt??Why in the name of Sam Hill do you need a windshirt??

Let's clear this up from the start - I know they aren't waterproof but they're not meant to be. They're meant to be windproof. They are windproof tops and they keep out the wind.

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Reproofing and waterproofing your jacketReproofing and waterproofing your jacket

When it comes to waterproofing and cleaning waterproof jackets I've never known men discuss ironing so much down the local on a Friday night, here's what I heard last week...

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Which insulated jacket? Down or Synthetic?Which insulated jacket? Down or Synthetic?

According to Ian McCaskill, or whoever now does the BBC weather, it's going to be parky this January and February, so choosing outdoor gear that will keep you warm in the UK climate could be of interest to you Here's a brief description of the beauty of insulation.

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Versatile, wind resistant, durable, no not me, PertexVersatile, wind resistant, durable, no not me, Pertex

It's worth buying a Pertex jacket/windshirt just so you can show how clever you are to your thick friends.

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UPF - Sun Protection ClothingUPF - Sun Protection Clothing

Here's another thing I don't know that much about here in The Lake District - Sunshine. I'm told this phenomenon is quite common in regions south of Kendal, so unselfishly I've decided to help protect the rest of the world against these deadly rays.

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Outdoor Clothing Fabrics ExplainedOutdoor Clothing Fabrics Explained

We get lots of questions about the different types of fabrics used on the outdoor clothing that we sell, so here's my effort to explain a few of the fabrics. It's not a very big list to begin with but I'll keep adding to it.

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Waterproof Trousers and OvertrousersWaterproof Trousers and Overtrousers

We have a great selection of waterproof trousers from Craghoppers, Regatta, Montane and Helly Hansen.

Price start at £9.95

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Helly Hansen Men's Tofino Jacket - Water  BlueHelly Hansen Men's Tofino Jacket - Water Blue
The Helly Hansen Men's Tofino Jacket is a solid performer in town and on the trail. Featuring durable Helly Tech®waterproof breathable nylon and a full storm hood.
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RRP £110.00
Price £59.99

Helly Hansen Men's Seattle Packable Jacket - SteelHelly Hansen Men's Seattle Packable Jacket - Steel
A stylish bad weather workhorse. Comfortable and dependable protection. Extra durable fabric in shoulder stress zone.
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RRP £100.00
Price £55.00

Helly Hansen Ladies Vancouver Jacket - WalnutHelly Hansen Ladies Vancouver Jacket - Walnut
Full Helly Tech® protection that makes a statement with its refined style.
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RRP £80.00
Price £57.50

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