Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

Sealskinz Trekking Waterproof SockSealskinz Trekking Waterproof Sock
Developed specifically for hiking in more arduous conditions. The Trekking sock has a padded loop piled layer of Merino wool for the toes, sole, heel and Achilles area to give extra protection, comfort and support.
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RRP £28.00
Price £25.20

Sealskinz Walking Waterproof SockSealskinz Walking Waterproof Sock
New for 2009. The Walking sock includes an elasticated arch and ankle support. These give a closer fit and reduce movement in the shoe while providing additional comfort and support.
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RRP £30.00
Price £27.00

Sealskinz Mid Thermal Waterproof SockSealskinz Mid Thermal Waterproof Sock
Using a high density loop pile padded layer of Merino wool as a lining, the Mid Thermal is the warmest SealSkinz sock available and is available in both black and olive green.
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RRP £30.00
Price £24.95

Sealskinz Ultra Light Waterproof SocksSealskinz Ultra Light Waterproof Socks
SealSkinz Ultra Lights are our lightest and thinnest socks. Using a Coolmax® lining they are ideal for use with lighter weight footwear and trail shoes. They add a great deal of flexibility when used with non-waterproof, breathable trail shoes for hiking in wet conditions or for crossing streams.
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RRP £23.00
Price £20.00

Sealskinz Waterproof and breathable Socks - Why both ?

Sealskinz Socks need to be both waterproof AND breathable. A totally waterpoof but non-breathable sock would cause a build up of perspiration inside the sock which would be very uncomfortable to wear, If your feet feel wet then they will feel cold

Normal socks are very breathable. But very breathable but non-waterproof socks allow air to pass freely through, there is no protection here from the elements.
Sealskinz Socks use Hydrophilic Membranes

SealSkinz® socks use hydrophilic ("water loving")membranes. Hydrophilic membranes are totally solid, without pores which makes it impossible for droplets of liquid water to pass through. It is, however, breathable because water vapour molecules are transmitted from molecule to molecule through the membrane on the polymer chain and expelled on the other side. How the 'eck does this work? It's all about the differences in humidity and temperature between the inside of the Sealskinz Sock and the outside.

It's usually hot and humid next to the skin because the body is generating heat and moisture as it exercises. OUtside the sock it is much cooler. This difference drives water vapour from the inside of the garment to the outside. As the foot gets hotter during an activity, so the film becomes more efficient at expelling moisture.

SealSkinz® 100% Waterproof Testing …

The waterproof film can withstand 10psi of hydrostatic head pressure, the equivalent of a column of water 700cm high standing on the fabric surface. This is 7 times the level required to meet European Standards for waterproof clothing.

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