Why in the name of Sam Hill do you need a windshirt??

Why in the name of Sam Hill do you need a windshirt??

7 July 2010

Let's clear this up from the start - I know they aren't waterproof but they're not meant to be. They're meant to be windproof. They are windproof tops and they keep out the wind.

They form part of the good old fashioned layering system. No matter how great your waterproof jacket is, it will still have a saturation point, so if you really want to keep the sweat at bay on a windy old day, you need to be thinking about windshirts, windproof tops, wind jackets, whatever you want to call them.
Here's what windshirts are -
- they are windproof (one of the reasons they are also known as windproof tops)
- they are really lightweight, a lot more lightweight than a waterproof jacket,
- they are super breathable, much more so than those pesky waterproofs (in fact keep adding '
There usually aren't many... this keeps the weight down and allows them to be packed small. So I suppose we can call its lack of features a feature.

Some have map pockets, some have hoods to protect your lugs from the cold .. I'm struggling here... that's about it.

No features - just windproof and durable and light.

Either tightly woven nylon or polyester with a light DWR coating to repel showers.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Young
Montane Windshirts - Quote from TGO's Chris Townsend about the Montane Litespeed
'Voted TGO Best Buy
Over the last two years I've worn this top extensively, including on the TGO Challenge and treks in Makula and Everest Base Camp in Nepal. I've been impressed with how well the light fabric has worn - there isn't a mark on it despite many day's use with a heavy pack'


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