Diane Young - OwnerDiane Young - Owner
Job Satisfaction: Answering your lovely emails especially the ones that say something like 'What an unbelievably good product and what absolutely stupendous customer service. Winwood Outdoor is just the best outdoor company in the business bar none...' Got a bit carried away there, sorry.

Favourite Joke: ''What did the fish say when she swam into a wall? Dam'

Favourite Walk:Any walk from Grasmere, up Stone Arther ridge to Fairfield. maybe.

Most Worn Product: Helly Hansen Baselayers. It's cold in The Lakes
Ian Young - OwnerIan Young - Owner
Job Satisfaction: Enlightening people about the delights of search engine optimaization and changing things around in the shop even though they're working fine as they are.

Favourite Joke: 'Did you hear about the man who got run down by a train? He was chuffed to bits.'

Favourite Walk:Ullock Pike, because it's on the way to work

Most Worn Product: Montane Featherlite Smock. It's windy in The Lakes
Jacqui Gore- Web SupervisorJacqui Gore- Web Supervisor
Job Satisfaction: Downloading orders, all day, every day, can't get enough of those lovely orders (You may have guessed that I wrote that for her).

Favourite Joke: My husband and I were sitting at a table at my 50th high school reunion, and I kept staring at a drunken man swigging his drink, as he sat alone at a nearby table.
My husband asks, 'Do you know him?'
‘Yes,' I sighed. 'He's my old boyfriend. I understand he started drinking right after we split up those many years ago, and I hear he hasn't been sober since.'
'My God!' says my husband. 'Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?'

Favourite Walk:Derwent Water and Catbells, because The Snubster's legs are very short.

Most Worn Product: Columbia Sierra Madre Jacket. It rains in The Lakes
Grandma - PackagerGrandma - Packager
Job Satisfaction: The more tape on a package the better

Favourite Joke: Hannah and Jenna were spending the night at Grandma's house. At bedtime, the two girls knelt beside their beds to say their prayers when the youngest one began praying at the top of her lungs.


Her older sister leaned over and nudged the younger sister and said, "Why are you shouting your prayers? God isn't deaf." To which Jenna replied, "No, but Grandma is!"

Favourite Walk:Round Buttermere, because it's flat.

Most Worn Product: Buffs, several of them all at once
Philippa Cox - Shop Assistant/PackagerPhilippa Cox - Shop Assistant/Packager
Job Satisfaction: Answering the phone, if she isn't in the changing rooms trying on all the gear.

Favourite Joke: A married couple receive a bank statement with a huge overdraft. They also receive a final demand for the gas bill. So they agree to save money. That evening, they are watching TV when the man gets up and tells his wife that he's off down the pub. Outraged, the wife informs him that he has no right to go to the pub and leave her at home when they need to economise. The husband nods and tells his wife to put her coat on. Surprised and amazed, the wife asks, "Why, are we going out together?" "No," he says. "I'm turning the heating off."

Favourite Walk:Blencathra, along Sharp edge (sometimes)

Most Worn Product: Montane Superfly
C J Reay - shop, punk and web assistantC J Reay - shop, punk and web assistant
Job Satisfaction: Putting the wrong prices on things... that's anarchy.

Favourite Joke: 'A punk and a "normal" guy are walking down the street one day. The punk is in classic form; six inch blue liberty spikes, plaid bondage pants, leather jacket with band names scribbled all over it, etc. The normal guy turns to the punk and asks, "So just exactly what is punk anyway?" The punk emphatically replies, "Man, punk is doing whatever you want, whenever you want to and not giving a monkeys what anybody else thinks...you see that
trash can right there?" The punk walks over to a nearby trashcan and kicks it over, spilling garbage all over the sidewalk. "That's punk." The normal guy ponders this as they continue to walk down the sidewalk. The next trash can they come to, the normal guy steps up and gives a kick, sending garbage flying everywhere. He turns to the punk, "So that's punk, huh?" The punk replies, "No, that's trendy."

Favourite Walk:Haystacks from Buttermere.

Most Worn Product: Montane Dynamo Soft Shell. It's black
Stacy Clarke - Shop Assistant and Biology StudentStacy Clarke - Shop Assistant and Biology Student
Job Satisfaction: The unlimited joy of zipping up jackets and folding craghoppers trousers.

Favourite Joke: 'An unemployed biologist got a new job at the zoo. They offered him to dress up in a gorilla's skin and pretend to be a gorilla so people will keep coming to the zoo.
On his first day on the job, the guy puts on the skin and goes into the cage. The people all cheer to see him. He starts really putting on a show, jumping around, beating his chest and roaring.
During one acrobatic attempt, he loses his balance and crashes through some safety netting, landing square in the middle of the lion cage! As he lies there stunned, the lion roars. He's terrified and starts screaming, "Help, Help!"
The lion races over to him, places his paws on his chest and hisses, "Shut up or we'll both lose our jobs!"

Favourite Walk:Loweswater from Fangs Brow, because it's quiet.

Most Used Product: Gelert Jet-Set rucksack
Snubby the snubsterSnubby the snubster
Job Satisfaction: Being with Jacqui.

Favourite Joke: A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet. "My dog's cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him?"
"Well," says the vet, "let's have a look at him." So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then checks his teeth. Finally, he says, "I'm going to have to put him down."
"What? Because he's cross-eyed?"
"No, because he's really heavy."

Favourite Walk:Wherever Jacqui takes me

Most Used Product: The chewy shoe

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